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Mother knows BEST, whose Earth, is it?

In this current age of chaos and distraction you could deduce that there’s nothing more important than what mankind has to offer humanity. Incredibly, it’s a...

The Healing Power of Acceptance: Part 2

Check out our first post in this series, Is forgiveness really required? Part 1 As children, we were forced to accept the way we’re treated by our family or situations...

Is forgiveness really required? Part 1

Today, many healers, seekers, therapists, and preachers are claiming that forgiveness of your perpetrator is a necessary pre-condition for living emotionally free.  We...

The Feminine Dawn

A new dawn emerges as patriarchal disintegration births the Empowered Feminine! Many people, both men and women, are under duress over the current state of affairs of...

Constellation Healing Oracle Cards

Constellation Healing Oracle Cards are the gift that keeps on giving!  Open up to your Ancestral Intelligence hidden in the “Knowing Field.” Gain deep insights with the...

LIFE: Dancing with Drama!

In many circles people will emphatically state “no drama please.” However, life has its own rules of engagement such as… Eat to LiveKill to EatAdapt or...

Perception is YOUR Polarity SHIFT

Everyone in life experiences things that are both positive and negative. Life is guaranteed to throw us curveballs as we meander through time and space. Some of those...

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