Distance Healing

Distance Constellation Healing on Zoom

Remote, Live, or Distance Constellations explore the unconscious ties that bind us together. It works whether the clients are physically present or not at the actual workshop. It’s great for potential clients who may not be able to personally attend a workshop but desire deep healing or lasting change in their lives from afar.

This remarkable work I discovered and have facilitated for the past 25 years, can be applied to all or any of life’s challenges, including relationship issues, job-related stress, money or health problems, personal conflicts, as well as destructive family patterns.

Many who attend see a positive change in associates and relatives who do not even know of the work; this is a testament to the quantum belief that all matter, physical and even non-physical, is interconnected through an intelligent, unified energetic source. Since consciousness, being eternal is not ruled by the physical constraints of distance, time, or space, this sacred and profound work is able to access the dynamic “invisible energetic source” which offers a myriad of life-altering benefits. I have facilitated and witnessed incredible results for thousands of processes for over a decade to dismiss it as a mere “coincidence.”

In the group setting, various representatives are used to stand for the people or aspects of the issues being addressed. Without even knowing who or what they represent, the representatives are able to embody the person or issue with uncanny accuracy through a certain “collective unconscious” that emerges within us during this work. When working with a “remote or distance client,” I facilitate the group to deal with the client’s particular issue, take notes of the experience or audiotape the process as it unfolds, including my written commentary as to what’s being revealed.

It’s not just the client who reaps the benefits of this work. Like a pebble tossed in a pond, the energetic ripples of the resolution travel out to all those connected to us. Indeed, when we help one, we help all. This is the blessing you give them by exploring this new and exciting means of achieving a positive resolution to an emotionally challenging situation. I’ve worked with numerous families and individuals plus therapists and their clients.

I’m considered one of the most experienced and talented facilitators in this powerful emerging field of healing. The only thing you have to lose is what you didn’t want to keep. Life is too short to suffer and suffering is optional. You’re in very good accomplished hands. There are consultation sessions before and after, as well as a written report, and recording.