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Gary Stuart is a 5-time International Best-Selling AuthorMaster Constellation Facilitator, and Speaker who has been facilitating transformative healing experiences for over 2 decades. His skills and techniques help expand consciousness while resolving life-long challenges, stagnation, and negative family patterns.

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Topics for presentations

Gary’s forte is personal growth and transformation. These are the kind of topics he has addressed in the past. Depending on your needs he’s happy to work with you to personalize a presentation specific to your group, online class, or Television segment.

  1. Examining current world events through the lens of historical repetition in cultures and
    family systems
  2. Empowering people to transform their PAST in the PRESENT for a better FUTURE
  3. Exploring and healing cultural patriarchal misogyny impacts men and women in life and
  4. Finding the positive attributes descendants inherited from their Family of Origin
  5. Quantumly activating your lifeforce to liberate itself from the past
  6. Saying goodbye to grief and loss and allowing happiness to manifest
  7. Organizational Constellations for increased prosperity and success
  8. Empowering adults to let go of negative childhood experiences
  9. Releasing Romantic Entanglements once and for all. Cleaning your historical romantic
    slate with closure of the past
  10. Beyond cultural sexism… expanding your voice while finding more personal power
  11. Improving health and well-being while investigating inherited genetic predispositions
  12. Helping grandchildren not carry the unresolved ancestral baggage and history that
    predated their birth
  13. Happiness and fulfillment are a choice. Letting go of approval you’ll never get
  14. Becoming empowered to create a life you want to live in NOW. Victim no more!
  15. 2023 Evolutionary Business Council Annual Retreat Constellation transformational group experience Jan.

Latest books

  1. Venus Envy: Busting the Male Misogyny Myth (coming 2023)
  2. Quantum Activation: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities
  3. A.I. Ancestral Intelligence: Constellation Insights from Beyond
  4. Healing Human History: Constellation Wisdom for the 21st Century 
  5. Raising Your Harmonious Child: 21st Century Parenting for a Positive Legacy
  6. Master Your Universe: How to Direct & Star in Your Own Life
  7. Many Hearts, One Soul: An American Perspective on the work of Bert Hellinger
  8. Gems of Inspiration: Transformational Poetry from the Heart for the Soul
  9. God Says “Heal!” 
  10. 2004: Nature of the Beast

More about Gary

Behind the Scenes

Gary walks the talk as he has been on a 40 year healing journey of personal transformation due to his less than perfect childhood. Over the years, he has acquired numerous skills, tools and modalities to transform his own life and that of his clients and community.

One of Gary’s gifts is people trust him whenever he speaks. He holds a powerful space of compassion and healing that allows an audience to be collectively transformed as they experience his profound insight and work. He’s known for always coming from the heart, living and speaking authentically. He opens every one of his Constellation Healing Experience events with inspiring and personal talks that uplift the audience by giving them new perspective and possibilities.

Gary wants the best for everyone his audiences and is never afraid to challenge popular myths or beliefs. “There is no right or wrong, just truth” is one of his core beliefs.

He loves to experiment, and one of his favorite things is to include the audience in a live, thought-provoking experience.


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Gary Sightings 

“We are our ancestors dreams come true”

A selection of Gary’s appearances from 2015-2023 are listed below. 

Ancestral Intelligence with Jean Farish – VOICE of America

The Bathrobe Moments with Loren Harris 

Gary’s Monthly Events in Arizona and Online 

San Diego EBC Constellation Presentation


Quantum Activation Constellation ZOOM Classes; April, May, October 2022
National Association of Systemic Constellations:
Video series of Constellation History in the Americas
Center for Spiritual Living Monthly Experiential Men’s Circle of support:
Chino Valley Author Expo Comi-Con Convention: Keynote speaker June 2022
Strategic Network Partners:
member intro keynote June 2022
Hearts Awakening Foundation:
Quarterly 2022 fundraisers
Center for Spiritual Living:
Easter month Gary’s Angel Wings art exhibition
Expand YOUR Influence:
Co-producer of a weekend online retreat
Evolutionary Business Council:
co-producer of yearly retreat member Awards
Constellation Healing Workshops:
Expanding monthly at PRESCOTT location
Constellation Healing Workshops:
Expanding monthly at SEDONA location

EYI (Expand Your Influence) with Jacquie Nagy Gary Stuart guest facilitator
Mark Alyn Cooks guest Gary Stuart
Fit for Joy with Valeria Telles
Constellations in Sedona Arizona monthly workshops with Gary Stuart
The Bathrobe Moments TV with Loren Michael Harris
Becoming Your Best Self with Dr. Paula
Practical Spiritual Tools for Awake TV Network with Diane Hayworth
EBC Certified Master Trainer program with Dr. Shawne Duperon
Optimal Health Summit with Tricia Reed
Love Light with Jean Farish

Detroit, MI—Certified Master Trainer EBC co-presenter with Dr. Shawne Duperon
Southern California—Create Your Holistic Healthy Lifestyle: Johnathan Colbert
Australia—Quantum Soul-Sync with Serenity Raven-Wolf
Hollywood, CA—The LIFE CHANGES SHOW #595 (repeating Guest)
Ventura, CA—LATE NIGHT HEALTH with Mark Alyn
Inland Empire, CA—Every Day is a New Day with Kim O’Neill
Wellington, NZ—Constellations down-under with Bascha Meier (co-creator)
Santa Fe, NM—The Masters Series: Answer Your Souls Calling with Lumari
Palm Springs, CA—Driven with Purpose with Rebecca Luna
Portland, OR—The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Sayler
Mississippi—Love Light: Living in the Spirit of Love with Jean Farish Show
Rancho Mirage & L.A., CA—Private and Public personal Constellation Healing Events
Coachella, CA—Coachella Valley Art Center: “Power of Words” ART SHOW
San Antonio, TX—Evolutionary Business Counsel Annual Retreat Award Gala co-creator and MC

Detroit – Guest Dr. Nandi Show:  Medical Miracles II segment
Palm Springs – Monthly Constellation healing events Mizell Center
LA – Constellation Healing Oracle Card workshop and Healing Faire Presentation with all day Constellation Healing Event
Detroit – Guest on Dr. Nandi Show: Dealing with Death Segment
Costa Rica – 3 Day Mastermind Retreat for EBC created and presented with Jill Fischer
Asheville, NC – Constellation Healing session with Group facilitation
Santa Fe, NM – Guest on Lumari special on Nurturing Creativity
New York, NY – Guest on Sam Leibowitz Show on Ancestral effects in life
San Diego – Speaker, Host/MC of 3 Day EBC Annual Retreat (Created 3 Day Event Program with Team) with Constellation Healing session facilitation
Numerous Guest Interviews on countless Radio Shows and peer Special Events

Costa Rica – Team leader and Constellation Session facilitator for EBC Retreat
San Diego – Constellation Healing session facilitator with Valerie Renee Sheppard
Detroit – Constellation Healing Session Facilitator at Shawne Duperon’ s training
Oceanside, CA – Co-facilitator and Mastermind Content creator EBC DEEP DIVE
Livonia, MI – ALL DAY Constellation Healing workshop with Lisa Mininni as host
Palm Springs – Bi-monthly Constellation Healing workshops, Mizell Center
LA  Quarterly Constellation Events at Newmont Center for Balanced Living
Detroit – Guest on Dr. Nandi Show: 2 segments
LA – Holistic Chamber of Commerce Guest Speaker and group leader

Continuum Movement Constellation workshops, Santa Monica, CA
Evolutionary Business Council Master Mind weekend Oceanside, CA
North American Systemic Constellations Conference presenter, Virginia Beach, VA
Constellation Healing introduction private event, Detroit, MI
Evolutionary Business Council Master Mind Summer Retreat, Calgary, AB
West Coast Constellation Intensive training faculty, Los Gatos, CA
Center for Spiritual Living, Constellation workshops and training, Prescott, AZ
Santa Monica Holistic Chamber of Commerce panel, Santa Monica, CA
Global Influence Summit: EBC One Day retreat presentation, Ft. Lauderdale. FL
The Newmont Center introduces Constellation Healing series, Agoura, CA
Woodland Hills Holistic Chamber of Commerce presentation, Woodland Hills, CA

Los Angeles, CA: “Master Your Universe” Lecture, BIL Conference LA, April, 2016
San Diego, CA: GIS/Evolutionary Business Council Lecture with interactive participant workshop, February, 2016
Mission Viejo, CA: Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Mission Viejo, Prosperity Lecture with Demonstration, March, 2016
Detroit, MI: Advanced Media Boot Camp followed by Constellation weekend workshop, March, 2016

San Diego, CA: US Constellation Conference Course Presenter with teaching & training for facilitators, November, 2015
Calgary, AB: Evolutionary Business Council Constellation Workshop Showcase, August, 2015
Vancouver, BC: Evolutionary Business Council bi-yearly meeting, Constellation presentation/workshop experience, July 2015
San Diego, CA: US Constellation Conference, San Diego, CA, November, 2015

Helping people like you profoundly shift any negative mindset from your past experiences into life-changing resolutions.

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