Little do we realize that in the present moment we are at the Point of Power. What we do moment to moment affects our incarnational timeline and the other dimensions of our past and future existences. Our present choices affect the seen and unseen and we seldom realize we are at the pinnacle of choice in affecting so many realms of existence simultaneously. These choices have seen and unseen effects not only for us but others with us in our present moment. It really demonstrates what multidimensional beings we truly are. What is most interesting is that we are guided to make these Point of Power choices according to the impulses that we choose to pay attention to. We are in our subconscious realms connected to other parts of ourselves and also to that of our Ancestral heritage guiding us. Ironically it is our turn to make what we perceive as new choices and to be “of FREE WILL” while doing so. In general we strive to be as fulfilled as possible in a new way, to us at least. We also may never know or even realize the impact that our present Point of Power has on our future.

What we need to start thinking about is that each decision we make in our waking moments are seeds that we are planting for some future space and time. These important Point of Power decisions take root in the universe of our life and their dynamics play themselves out as we move into the future point in our current incarnation. Our thoughts, expressions, and intentions seed unseen future realities and affect our present in negative or positive ways as well. Could it also be true that what we perceive and experience at this moment of time in actuality is everything that is manifesting from our former incarnational reality?  As I age I start to see these patterns and that each individual’s entire lifetime are to help us learn and experiences lessons in eternity or at the very least find our place in the eternal cosmos.

Some lifetimes we may have been victims, other lifetime perpetrators, some maybe saints and others demonic. In each incarnation we grow and learn from all facets of our experience. If we know at our deepest level that we survive for eternity maybe each individual lesson is more valuable than the length of each incarnation? The million dollar question I propose is there is only ONE SOUL which we ALL share as We are God and God is Us? Are we God’s way to look at his or herself, to expand on a trillion realities and reactions at once in a simultaneous timeless void with past, present, and future coexisting in a vast push through time and space like a kaleidoscope? Are we not the creator of our very own universe? That universe is US and that same universe is self-creating itself as a grand experiment within and without as an expression of an ever-changing whole greater than the sum of its parts. As we see in nature there are endless cycles and seasons repeating over and over like clockwork. The metaphor of fertilization to spouting to procreating on every level then drying and dying to seed the next level from the Spirit from whence we came.

We ALL have our day in the sun and to every season turn, turn, turn. If there is really no death then everything transitions into something that supports life as life feeds death and death feed life so the Yin and the Yang are complete. They may appear to be opposing forces but they are one force moving in circles… throughout eternity…. to learn, learn, learn…..

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