No matter what the outcome from the American election, transformation is inevitable for the United States and the entire world.

It is important to hold fast to the truth that change is good, even when it is difficult. We can live beyond simply “surviving” change to thriving through change by focusing on flexibility and learning to adapt. Change is the one constant in all of our lives, however, how we face those changes is up to each one of us.

When we focus on flexibility and learn to adapt to changes, the net result is that we are transformed through the changes we are learning to adapt to.

In our lives, there will be political storms, sunny days, Cold War breezes, and unilateral isolation. Natural environments may face hot fires or floods that fuel ecological disasters. Change is constant. Transformation is optional. Just like the environment, how nature adapts to changes defines whether it thrives or simply survives these changes.

Ultimately, true and lasting transformation means learning how to thrive into the fullness of your life on a daily basis.

Do you think a tree judges that the weather wasn’t ideal today that it may have been too windy or hot and dry or damp? It stands on its own in its strength with deep roots connected to Earth without question.

That tree’s ability to adapt is not only the key to its survival, but also its ability to thrive. This isn’t just for humans but for all living things from bacteria to viruses, and insects all the way up to the food chain to humans. Life itself demands our adaptability to survive. Our adaptability encourages the development of tenacity and resilience. This is true for every waking moment that we are alive and thriving on Earth.

Income and social status do not determine our ability to adapt and thrive. I’ve seen multimillionaires who are isolated, lonely, and miserable despite enough financial abundance to last for twenty lifetimes, and people who can barely pay the rent, but are thriving despite harsh living conditions.

What type of adaptability will help you thrive amidst the change? That’s for you to uncover, and it may not be what you think, but it’s important to reflect on.

While you’re thinking about this on an individual level, consider using the concept of adaptability to ponder the fate of our nation.

We don’t know the unintended consequences of any leader. Whether our leaders are functional or dysfunctional “We the people” become tied in with our nation’s destiny. Some people suffer from apathy, others from a repressive tax structure, and until this year, many Americans were reticent to participate in a representative government by voting. Yet this year we saw more votes cast down across both aisles of the political fence than we have seen in decades. The pain of change motivated people to adapt at the ballot box.

“We the people” decided that now was the time to take a stand and just like the tree, in droves people activated, left the couch or the TV, and disengaged from fear-based mainstream media propaganda machine.

“We the people” took time NOT to react but started thinking for themselves to create the United States of America that “We the people” want to live in.

We have started to write a new narrative with how each of us has chosen to step into this election and use our voices and our votes—and though we do not yet know the outcome of the election—it is important for us to continue to adapt this narrative in a way that it can help us all thrive, not just survive.

This is how true change starts. By actively using collective actions, we can alter our fate as Americans and  collectively change the destiny of America more suited to the thriving of all. There’s nothing more powerful than an informed populace. Who knows… with a little luck we’ll inspire the entire world to do the same!

Maybe the entire world will inspire us to adapt globally while humanity consciously rises to take their power back. This year we “re-membered” the truth our nation was founded on that governments serve the people not the other way around. We reminded our leaders of this truth through our voting numbers. This is true for all countries.

History does not have to repeat itself once we understand that “We the people” have the power.

What choice will you make in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 etc… It’s up to each of us. We can change our American fate and the destiny of the nation!

Blessings, Gary Stuart

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