Whose pain are you carrying?

Constellation Healing transforms long-time relationship conflicts including: self worth, money issues, romance dynamics, and chronic health ailments, and often, deeply-held, often hidden beliefs you didn’t know you or your family had.

Shift Your Internal Blocks 

Subconscious bonds and loyalties exist in every aspect of your life. A Constellation Healing Session reveals ancestral entanglements and frees you from their painful control. By revealing these hidden entanglements in a Constellation Healing session facilitated by Gary, you have the ability to create healthy boundaries between you and those who came before you in your family system. Constellation healing sessions unburden you from replicating painful generational patterns and energy keeping you stuck in your life


1:1 or Group Live or Distance Constellation Sessions Available


Systemic Family, Business, Quantum Activation, and Organization Constellation Sessions Available


How I can help you

Constellation sessions

Individual constellation healing sessions shift subconscious blocks hindering your goals that are connected to systemic family ancestral loyalties. We’ve discovered from decades of research, that when you have the desire and goal to change your life, the constellation experience supports your goals and life desires at the deepest levels and at lightning speed. 

Constellation Group Events

Group Events

Constellations in a group are a healing approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in family or systemic relationships. Similar to psychodrama, group constellation events allow for the participant representatives to reconstruct their family or organizational system to identify and solve fundamental issues.

Constellation healing book library


Gary’s books are designed to inspire, heal, and add wisdom to contemporary life while helping us understand the spiritual aspects of negative physical and emotional challenges that can create disease and disharmony in our lives.

Gary is a 5-time International best-selling author.

Constellation Healing Speaking


Gary holds a powerful space of compassion and healing that allows an audience to be collectively transformed as they experience his profound insight and work. He’s known for always coming from the heart, living and speaking authentically. He opens every one of his Constellation Healing Experience events with inspiring and personal talks that uplift the audience by giving them new perspective and possibilities.

Work with me

I help men and women profoundly shift any negative mindset and transform stuck emotional patterns from past experiences into life-changing resolutions. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery session today to see how I can help you create the life of your dreams!


Client raves

“Gary is divinely wise, super intuitive and heart centered. Gary sees things that nobody else does. He sees through you and your ancestry, but also to put in place an actionable strategy to change. It is a real blessing to have someone like him in my life and in my business.” 

Angel Ribo

The CEO Confidant

“Family Constellations have changed the trajectory of my life. Generational conversations of pain and hurt have been replaced with compassion and forgiveness. There is no miracle cure by any stretch, but this model of exploring all parts of your family history allows for amazing healing.” 

Dr. Shawne Duperon

Communication Consulting & Training

“Gary is a clarifier. He sees beyond the veil of what’s in front of him, allowing you to get clear in an area where you may be stuck. Over the past several years, Gary has been a go-to resource for myself and my clients who are stuck in old patterns and want help seeing them with fresh eyes..” 

Lisa Marie Platske

President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc.


Latest writing

Insidious Dynamics of Betrayal

Insidious Dynamics of Betrayal

Unfortunately, betrayal seems to be in the ethers these days on many levels with different kinds of people. If you really dissect what dynamics of ‘betrayal’ really are you’ll then discover it’s a form of stealth communication and cowardice. In psychology it’s called...

‘Miracle Zone’ CONSTELLATIONS with Gary Stuart!

‘Miracle Zone’ CONSTELLATIONS with Gary Stuart!

DEF: A surprising and welcoming event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. Constellations allows transformation & instant resolution at lightning speed…creating a ‘Miracle Zone’ Many...

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Helping people like you profoundly shift any negative mindset from your past experiences into life-changing resolutions.

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