As you know 2020 has been quite the chaotic year…

The development of a global pandemic has produced massive modifications to the American and global way of life. Regardless of what you believe about the pandemics’ origin or governmental reactions to it, we are swimming in the sea of change.

If drastic lifestyle changes aren’t enough to rock your boat, catastrophes are happening in every country on the earth. We are witnessing ice caps melting from Greenland to Antarctica, California to Oregon are ablaze with forest fires, and the Arctic permafrost is melting, causing equatorial hurricanes that are flooding coastal cities.

We are witnessing the Earth coming to life as she purifies and purges the old and makes way for the new.

Each of us living is witnessing the literal unfolding of ecological history inspiring us to adapt or die … all before we take our first sip of morning coffee!

So how do we respond to this global and individual shakedown? COURAGE.

Brené Brown says that courage:

“is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

Courage arises when we live from our heart center. So with this in mind, are there ways individually and collectively that we can find ways to make heart-centered, courageous choices to help us thrive amidst chaos and uncertainty?

I believe there are…

As foretold by first peoples and the ancient ones many moons ago, there will be a time of a great purification bringing an end of one age ‘PISCEAN’ before the birth of the next age ‘AQUARIAN.’ The first peoples prophetically stated that widespread planetary catastrophes would mark the end times before the dawn of a new era, most called it a Golden Age or Illuminated Age.

That means everything we are experiencing is right on schedule.

They proclaimed that if humanity failed to live within the realm of the ‘natural order’ havoc would ensue. Earth is a living organism as are we.  It seems right now humanity is under siege. A new perception is key and that new perception comes from a place of courage.

Do we believe we’re victims of turbulent forces or can we be courageously proactive as we step into the dawn of this new world that is being birthed? Can we live our daily lives while still remembering that life is a part of a larger cycle that affects every living thing in positive and negative ways?

Can we stay courageously calm and centered while there’s chaos all around us, keeping in mind the larger perspective? 

The life cycle of all living things from plants to insects to aquatic life, human beings, and every animal learns to adapt to changes in the environment just to survive. But even the most horrific destruction can bring life.

For example, one thing many people don’t know is how ‘biochar charcoal’ from burnt trees and bushes fertilize and create future ecosystems vitality. Add a little water and carbon biochar explodes with life fertilizing everything in its path while retaining water. Why? Because renewal always follows destruction.

Remember the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980?

A huge volcanic explosion spewed millions of tons of fresh minerals, dust along with vital nutrients for plants and soil.

Aerial view of timber blowdown – destroyed by May 18 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Skamania County, Washington. June 8, 1980. (USGS)

Ash was spewed everywhere as far as the eye could see.

But 40 years later…

Mount Saint Helens has become a lush Garden of Eden around the entire volcano transforming it back into virgin forest. It is quite a sight to behold.

This photo of Mt. St. Helens taken by Clark County Today Photographer Mike Schultz, shows how quickly beauty has returned to the mountain, 40 years after a major eruption. Photo by Mike Schultz
Before and after pictures of Mount Saint Helens from 1984 to 2013 from above.

Even the most horrific destruction can bring life…

I don’t endorse destruction but when you add time to the equation it becomes more about construction or reconstruction.

Can we trust that this isn’t the first time there’s been a disintegration or catastrophic change happening during our lifetime?

Our ancestors survived for centuries long before we incarnated on this planet into the lineage of descendants. Even though things look like a disaster, there are forces larger than us benevolently moving to redeem even the most horrific of unintended consequences and weather.

What if the Garden of Eden is thriving? Mainstream Media convinces us otherwise 24/7/365. Their instantaneous reporting is a blessing and curse of disastrous information televised during continual ecological crises. It takes courage to step away from the televised fear-mongering, and step into the realization that there are benevolent forces all around us that we can partner with to make our newly-birthing reality better for our descendants.

Where there is chaos, there is also an opportunity, and never has there been a greater opportunity to leave a positive legacy on those who come behind us.

What’s behind the unintended consequences of the ecological disasters of the 21st century? Will catastrophic events in 2020 lead us to a refreshed Garden of Eden by 2025?  Having the inner strength and courage to weather the storm collectively and individually helps us best to sort out what really matters. We have to proactively pay a little extra attention to our global footprint. We can choose more sustainable approaches which will then lead to Earth being more sustainable for us. A true win-win!

Do you have the courage to take actions that matter?

Ultimately, everything that happens in life is about personal empowerment even more so in this time of chaos and disintegration. We can either choose hopelessness or despair or empowerment and activation.  When given lemons make lemonade!

Standing in your courageousness will strengthen your resolve.

We can rest assured that good will come after these catastrophes. Yes, we must instantaneously adapt to the changes, which is an exercise in trust and flexibility as many say now PIVOT! But courage will meet and strengthen us in these endeavors.

Stay positive the old adage ‘this too shall pass’ and remember that as it was true for your ancestors and their ancestors, so it is true for us.

It is now our turn to find the order and calm in the chaos. Mustering up our courage will help us do this.

A sincere Namaste Gary Stuart Oct. 2020

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