Everyone knows that family life and childhood experiences can be a gift or the bane of our existence.

After facilitating 15,000+ Constellation healing sessions over 23 years I’ve found the latter to be true in most cases. Many of us are challenged by our immediate or extended family system’s behaviors or attitudes. Maybe this is our training ground for what ‘life’ will give us at a later date? The cruel irony is we are being prepared for a place and time and situations that no longer exist.

I often say,

“if we can survive our family system then we can survive anything that life throws at us.”

What if the ‘life’ we received is a gift?

Then our early years can be thought of as an education building emotional skills for our future encounters. The irony is that our formative years may have been less than ideal or supportive within our family of origin. The biggest key I’ve found to attain happiness with things the way they were is through ‘unconditional acceptance’.

My latest phrase for this is

take the best and leave the rest!”

Continued suffering can only make you a victim or martyr which many people will be happy to support. What if, tenacity, resilience, and courage replace the seemingly negative attributes of a ‘poor me’ victim mentality?

The biggest way to release the past is ‘to accept it as it was.’ Take the gifts you did get even if they were just survival and leave whatever is not a gift to those it belongs to.

You didn’t incarnate to carry everyone’s pain.

Let others carry their own burdens so that you’re not victimized twice. You are also separating yourself from the negatives of your past. This is done by respecting the way that it was without carrying anyone’s burden forward any longer. If you received a lot of trauma then I can guarantee you your forebears did also, most people can only teach what they know.

In the present moment, you have the power to change your personal history.

Maybe you’ll be the first one to release what doesn’t serve you to become free. By doing this you will have attained what I call growing from ‘victim to victor.’ Accepting the gifts, you did receive from your ‘generational inheritance’ can be as easy as consciously and intentionally letting go of the past. Remember they didn’t ask for their suffering, pain, or trauma that they received either.

With this simple bow-release technique you can change the course of your personal history. It can be easy to transform any negative into positive in the simplest way possible. All you need to do is respectfully bow to your family and ancestors in the past.

There is no time to waste as the past is gone and the future awaits. Click the card below to download a copy.


Namaste Gary Stuart 2021

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