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What are Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a healing modality that can reveal the hidden dynamics of an intimate system. These dynamics arise from entanglements that are rooted in the past and continue to influence and have an impact on those in the present. This way of working allows us to see how we are bound to others in the system through deep and enduring bonds of loyalty.

What does Family Constellations work accomplish?

Constellation work focuses on healing the threads of trauma that are passed from generation to generation and dwell deep inside us. These traumatic energies affect our reaction to current life circumstances that perpetuate the patterns we inherited from our lineage.

Constellation healing involves an examination of unconscious patterns that create suffering in the present. The process allows us to access the deepest soul-level resolution that goes beyond our current conscious beliefs or patterning. The depth of this work often takes us into new, uncharted territory, realigns us with our larger soul purpose, and allows us to reframe our entire life in minutes.

How Does Resistance Become our Ally in Transformation?

Many are drawn to the modality of Constellations for deep healing and personal transformation of their current challenges. Despite our desire for transformation, we may still experience resistance to change. Patterns become embedded and embodied in our family system, so they become comfortable even when they are painful. Breaking those patterns means changing systemic influences and this can be scary. You can expect to encounter some natural resistance to the change you are seeking. Resistance is an inevitable part of your transformational journey.

Resistance does not translate to the modality not working, in fact, it usually means you are on the exact path to healing that you desire.

Can Constellation Healing Access the Root Cause of Suffering?

I’ve found over the past 24 years that the human soul/Spirit has indomitable strength to survive and live beyond the wounds of childhood and Family Systems of origin. Many people are not aware they are projecting invisible patterns of the past onto current negative circumstances. Constellation healing transports us into to the core of suffering which is generally where our soul strength and a deeper love hides despite surface appearances.

When we unlock hidden, subconscious patterns from the hold they have on our lives, we unshackle our souls to live the lives they are destined to.

Our souls often have a point of view contrary to our current beliefs and perceptions. The insights gained in a Family Constellation are a gift either way… always pointing us to the deeper truth.

Trust in the unknown is key. The facilitator’s role is to actively show compassion and inclusion for ALL aspects, seen & unseen, brought to the process, whether it’s Perpetrator or Victim energy, Grief or Joy, Pain or Freedom. Once the door is open, the most powerful healing not only comes from the Constellation experience itself but from the unconditional love that is always present in all situations that life brings our way.

Constellation Best Practices

  1. The facilitator is trained to allow the constellation to unfold and reveal certain patterns. As much as possible, try not to interrupt the process with analysis. This is because unconscious patterns are laid down in the systemic patterning of a family and reside not in the pre-frontal cortex (logic) of a family’s brain, but rather, in the sub-cortical (instinctual) regions that often exist where language does not. As such, we often “act out” things that are not known to our conscious brains. This is what the facilitator is looking for.
  2. Constellation sessions may have an immediate impact, but more often take up to 3-12 months to influence a family system. This means that a constellation you participate in today will continue to generate systemic impacts for the next 12 months. After a constellation, note any immediate changes to the system and journal them, and track the transformation over the next 12 months.
  3. If you are having any bodily symptoms that are unusual or intense after the constellation, we recommend you reach out to your physician as we are not trained to provide medical advice. Often the release of systemic influences will have a real-time bodily impact because family stress is carried in our bodies.

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