Quantum Activation: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

After over two years and many rewrites later the three of us just finished our first collaborative literary effort called Quantum Activation

International Best Seller e-book now $9.99 on Amazon: amazon.com/dp/B08FT4WD75 

Thank you for supporting our book launch and helping Quantum Activation become an international bestseller!

Our team—affectionately dubbed “the three amigos” met over three years ago to discuss a possible documentary with Carl David Blake about a variety of elements of healing. As we chatted over many lunches we thought it would be great to have a bestselling book to build our audience.  We felt this would feed interest and create an audience pipeline for the documentary Carl was working on.

Being a fan of Amit, I knew his brand was Quantum Activism and I had a hunch over a meal one day and suggested “Quantum Activation” as a title. We all agreed it was a great title and as we were congratulating ourselves on the creative title, I was on my cell phone purchasing the URL for our forthcoming QA website. We knew we had lots to do to make this book a global bestseller and here we are!

Our primary goal with the book was to ensure that our readers had an easy way to expand their viewpoint about what they perceive a “problem” in their life really is.

I’ve learned in 22 years as a master Constellation healing facilitator that energy residing inside any problem is the same energy that creates a resolution. That’s why on our back cover we say, “what if your obstacle is actually a gift? “

Once you see and examine all of your belief systems objectively, you’ll have more of a choice to look at the problem from variant perspectives such as spiritual, consciousness, or experiential which includes long-held cultural beliefs. These alternative perspectives of viewing a problem expand your capacity and resources to begin seeing it as something that can propel you into transformation (rather than blocking you from the life you are pursuing).

We wanted you, our reader, to see that everything that manifests in your life can be changed in an instant! Our goal was to show you different beliefs and thought forms going way back to the Middle Ages to Carl Jung to some modern energetic principles about toxic people in narcissists or whatever you may encounter that gives you trouble. We covered a lot of ground to make it as concise and as efficient as possible for you to objectively see the bigger picture while you’re living in the little picture.

Our goal is to guide you and make it easier for you to evolve out of your obstacle.

We also wanted to open your eyes to see every obstacle in your life is an opportunity to change. Life seems to have a Golden Rule for all living creatures which is to adapt or die. We do not want you to die trying. We want to inspire you to flip the obstacles energy from negative to positive. Most people incarnate to have a happy life. We think that is why we all came here to manifest our destiny in any way we please which is the very definition of transformation. We wish everyone who reads this book all the best! Our intention was to inspire you to achieve any greatness you desire in this lifetime right now. As we see in global history right now there is no time to waste. This present moment may be the best time for you to find a new opportunity. It’s your responsibility to create a life that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Order Quantum Activation paperback at this link! amazon.com/dp/B08FP7Q7M8/

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Namaste and blessings Amit Goswami Ph.D., Carl David Blake and Gary Stuart

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