DEF: A surprising and welcoming event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Constellations allows transformation & instant resolution at lightning speed…creating a ‘Miracle Zone’

Many ask me what is the ‘Miracle Zone’? I’ve facilitated Constellation healings for 25-years this year. I’ve discovered that I have rapid access to the quantum multidimensional realms unseen by most. The hidden dimensions of ancestral family systems gives me instant access to the core information. Very often these invisible dynamics lie underneath any given problem or situation. The desired goal is to disengage any participant/client from the struggle in order to find a resolution. Letting go of the past allows a movement forward in a more empowered way. My teacher Bert Hellinger would often give the Client their answer without creating a formal Constellation. His insights were simple, deep and profound. If he couldn’t get to the answer, he would do either a short or long Constellation to dig deeper. My short form is called Quantum Activation Constellations where I can use one or two reps to get to the deeper systemic source. Almost all of your perceived problems energetically emanate from unresolved ancestral traumas or dramas. About 99% of our perceived problems or issues are a replication of our ancestral past that are still unresolved in our current family system. We tend to think our problem/issue was the first time that it’s ever been experienced. In our historical timeline it’s about the millionth time the problem or issue has been experienced by your forebears and now you. Miracle Zone Constellations provide an instant way out.

Anyone who comes to any of my current zoom or live workshops will receive a short three-to-five-minute mini Miracle Zone Constellation. This fast, deep, insightful process addresses the past in the present for a new future. The changes will show up within the larger Quantum Field which we’re all part of. Incorporating the past, present and future simultaneously addresses the deeper dynamics in an instant! This process opens up your subconscious awareness to receive new information making you more open to receive the new insights while releasing the old patterns. You could say it’s instantly completing something that’s been unresolved. Once done you can move forward with a deeper understanding while becoming empowered to live in a new reality which was created by letting go of the past. Welcome to YOUR ‘Miracle Zone’ Constellation experience. I look forward to meeting you live at any workshop to see what the buzz is about. More importantly you’ll have new-found courage to take a stand for the type of future you want to live in. Viola!

Namaste Gary Stuart