Everything in the universe is interconnected.

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to understand this. One glance at the night sky and you will see the magnificent interweaving of planets, stars, and galaxies.

Quantum physics proves the interconnection of all-that-exists down to the microscopic dance of invisible atoms and their electrons. Physicists have found that every living cell dances with the same Qi energy of movement. The all-too-short existence of humanity shares the same energy.

As we share energy, time, and space together, we see that the universe is balanced with dynamics of cause and effect.

This means as one part of the web of connection is impacted, another will undoubtedly feel the repercussions. In many cases, the dynamics of cause and effect may lead to personal discomfort in the microcosm of our daily lives. Cause and effect influence us in a myriad of ways. For example, as the collective internal workings of the basic life-force-dynamic known as ‘chi’ operates, we often see external events change in response. Cause and effect in operation in our local cosmos.

Adapt or die is another bedrock concept I refer to frequently that dovetails with cause and effect.

Adapt or die looks like the universal principles of life or death mean business! It seems life itself is a death-defying experience we agree with as the price of admission. All of this leads me to my lifetime practice of self-reflection and personal growth out of the ashes of my own traumatic past. I was unknowingly on a path of deep healing to bring my insights and gifts to the world via compassion for all suffering, my own included. Little did I know I was in training for my future career.

We can Heal One, Heal All by applying these simple yet complex principles of the opening of our hearts to ourselves and others. Accepting our interconnection is where the magic of healing and caring resides for all sentient beings including non-humans. You do not even have to be a reincarnated version of Buddha to achieve this. There is always a middle way philosophy that helps. Love, caring, and compassion are within all of us. It is love for any and all who suffer that facilitates healing of each and all.

Deep connection and care are no different than the mother’s love for her newborn baby. We all need this tenderness or nurturing to feel safe and protected from what life throws at us on a daily basis.

It seems we need these survival dynamics to fully support our life until death decides to take us away.

Life has a way of humbling us all. When we share this loving care with others an energy field is generated from our heart which has a torus or toroidal field that surrounds our entire body. A torus or toroidal field is like a donut of invisible energy extending three to six feet horizontally emanating outward from your heart space. It’s not much different than planet Earth herself with her gravitational or magnetic field and atmosphere circling the planet. Interestingly, we can’t see either but we are at the center of both.

As it pertains to healing, when anyone shows kindness, love, or compassion to another, it helps all energetic fields expand.

This impacts one person’s perception which then expands them into a larger field equal to the healers which expands the embodiment of healing and compassion in both people. These events facilitate growth and change in the healer as well as the healed which then cascades and grows exponentially.

This is true especially with group healing work which includes many more beings than we realize. In essence, we as human beings all share the same heart. When we expand one heart, we expand all hearts and souls As we grow and change from internal to external the new perceptions are passed on to others as that one healing event spreads into many other fields which leads to the healing of all.

Healing one heals all!

Essentially, we’ve expanded universal consciousness from the microcosm to the macrocosm. The method I use that’s most effective for me is called Constellation healing in a group setting the attendees of any workshop open up this larger field of consciousness and awareness. After 23 years I’ve conceived a version of Constellations called Quantum Activation which is a faster, deeper application of the same principles of love and truth in conscious action which is what Constellations really are.

Consciousness in and of itself has its own universal nature which always seeks expansion. As we personally know and learn about ourselves, so does the entire universe. We are more powerful than we realize and can change the universe when we change ourselves even if it’s just 1 molecule at a time. Remember what I stated earlier about ‘cause and effect’ it’s universal which affects the seen and unseen realms of every reality in existence.

The healing of ONE ripples outward thereby proving we are all really ONE with the Universe and the Universe is also ONE with us.

You could say any and all healing harnesses the universal principles of cause and effect on steroids.

Sincerest compassion for all sentient beings.

Gary Stuart
September 2021 garystuarthealing.com