About Constellation Healing Experience


What’s a Constellation?

Well, it’s a way of approaching any issue with an idea that produces simply profound results.

The idea is this:

We all live and breathe in a field of invisibly connected ‘systems’ – ancestral family systems, social/work systems, cultural systems, and spiritual systems. Each one of those systems is like a huge “net”, holding everyone and everything together to ensure the system’s strength and survival.  If there has been trauma in a system, it’s like damage to the net; the system itself is weakened and those close to the damage are especially vulnerable to harm and/or dysfunction.

Approaching a problem or an issue with a Constellation is rather like discovering and mending the damage that has occurred in the ‘nets’ that contain and profoundly influence it.  The problem or issue is held in an ancestral family net, social and/or work nets, cultural nets, and/or spiritual nets – and that is where a Constellation can mend it, where it’s healed.

You’ll Experience & Learn How To Utilize Many Unique Constellation Formats

Re-Incarnation / Past Life

· An accelerated method to get to the source of a problem you’ve been living with your whole life.

Inner Victim / Inner Perpetrator 

· Resolving conflicts between the inner selves.

Release The Dead

· Releasing the dead and convert a haunting problem into a blessing and/or support for all.

Past, Present And Future

· A method for identifying which problem area needs to be worked on.

Family Tree

· Identifying systemic entanglements and unborn/missing family members — aligning the system.

Dyad And Triad

· Constellation setups for a variety of problems (i.e., obesity, illness, addictions, self-esteem, etc.)

Unifying Body, Mind, Soul

· Integrating multiple parts of self into a whole.


· Transforming invisible dynamics present in business and career environments


· Constellation setups for problems with money, career, success.


· Discovering and resolving unspoken needs of the ill, family members, and the unique challenges of caregiving.

Romantic Entanglements

· How to resolve and heal past romantic and sexual histories


If we can dream it, then it can come to be. The Knowing Field that expresses potentiality in any Constellation taps into your subconscious, allowing forward movement in the direction that you seek for healing, growth & resolution.

The WORKING PARTICIPANT: This is any person who has the intention to improve their life on any level. Their positive desire for the BEST possible outcome is key. Their unconscious impulses will become conscious. They will see what they carry, who they carry it for, and whether or not it’s even theirs. Deep changes will energetically take root in their life on what ever level they need for improvement.

The REPRESENTATIVE’S ROLE: A Rep is any person who you pick to work on your behalf. They support your excursion into the deeper aspects of ANY invisible dynamics that are unconsciously stopping your progress on any level or in any part of your life.

CONSTELLATION SUBJECTS: Health, money, relationships, love, interpersonal conflicts, work, business, organizational, family issues, divorce, financial, trauma, childhood, parents, grief, loss, anger, sexuality, intimacy fears, phobias, historical events etc…

CONSTELLATION HEALING EXPERIENCE: Systemic Ancestral, Family and Organizational Constellations reveal and release hidden dynamics with which we are entanglement. These energetic, unconscious obstacles affect our health, our career and our inter-personal relationships.

What is a Constellation?

Subconscious bonds and deep loyalties exist in every aspect of our lives. Constellations tap into this Conscious Field of Totality and reveal what’s unseen that maybe having a negative effect in our lives. Our unconscious becomes conscious, allowing us the freedom to make a healthy, FUNctional, proactive choice that allows us to make a change. We can rewrite the script of our lives in a new,  positive and empowering way.

How does it work?

Through the use of Representatives to access hidden dynamics, we gain objectivity and transformation. Witnessing the subtle dimensions that each problem contains actually transforms the energy, allowing for resolution.

What happens at a workshop?

All participants are always at choice for their level of participation. Some may choose to just observe others or Represent an issue, person or problem for the working participant/ client.  It’s a Win-Win for all attending.

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