Everything we experience contains a gift; it is in the delicate unwrapping that it will reveal all of its surprises. The systemic energy of truth will shine its light on those places that once had seemed so dark. Of course, the “light” was there all along; we just couldn’t see where it was hiding.

The Constellation process allows us a window into the inner workings of hidden dynamics that fuel the life force’s subtle subconscious contained within every one of us, every day of our life, and beyond.  Where my theory of a “holographic prism” comes into play is in our interconnection to those previous generations who are no longer alive at the time the work is being done.  I have witnessed what I call “the wisdom of the dead” on many occasions, experiencing unbelievable amounts of stimuli relayed through my body in the form of thoughts or sensations.  The energy and the information come from within the “knowing field” of every person’s genetic history, and it is embodied within each and every individual.

Often the person representing an issue or family member may have a very similar family dynamic within his or her own system, resulting in healing effects for both the client and the representative, simultaneously.  The frequent connection to aspects of another’s familial field leads me to this “holographic” way of looking at the prismatic effects seen in Hellinger’s Trans-Genrational process.  In other words the field will direct the person working to choose someone with the same issue to be a representative, thereby allowing both participants’ journey into the unknown to be a fulfilling and, ultimately, a healing one.

This systemic energy may also point to a negative identification or unseen entanglement with an event or relative unknown to the family member working on his or her own, seemingly unconnected issue.  It is often surprising where the “knowing field” takes us, and we must always let it remain in charge. Eventually, it will reveal where it or the appropriate family members “got stuck,” as it were, and what resolution may be possible. Whatever the outcome, we must be able to recognize the present moment as containing all the possibilities of life, and that all is accessible to those who have the courage to experience it.

This work offers, with love, a different way of looking at that hidden pain, frozen in time and carried in our subconscious. Often, a client may not initially have the slightest idea where the energetic story emerged from, yet he or she will feel the depth of its accuracy.  Remember, if we can alter our perception of the past, we can create a different probability for the future, which is, generally, why a client comes to this work in the first place. Usually something in his or her life is not working or s/he needs some help to feel more fulfilled. Perhaps they keep hitting the same roadblock and are seeking to change some dysfunctional pattern. Some may resist, as they are loyal to their familiar, familial baggage. Perhaps they are entangled with the energy of a missing or excluded relative. Perhaps they feel it is their job to carry the pain (whatever that might mean) for the rest of the family.

Such systemic bonds are stronger than any link of trust they may have with a facilitator, and such loyalty must be respected.  What this work provides, therefore, are the alternative ways in which we can remain connected and true to our family system without necessarily following the same fate. This can be especially relevant where disease is concerned. Understandably, we may not want a negative entanglement with a relative who suffered or died from cancer or another terminal disease. There are many other ways to show or demonstrate loyalty without repeating the same tragic pattern.  We can acknowledge their fate as theirs and only theirs. We can remain connected to them by remembering them and keeping them included in the family system. What’s more, we can work to release the core grief that may have been a contributing cause of disease in the first place.  By honoring those who suffered in a direct and forthright manner, we open ourselves to their blessing and guidance until it is our turn to join them.  Those unresolved issues of our family’s past that we tend to carry out of love or guilt, have an invisible tension to them. This lack of harmony inhibits the vitality of the life force rather than strengthening it. When we acknowledge and release the hidden dynamic of the issue within the context of this work, we can feel a tension-free peace sweep through the room as though a static charge of energy was neutralized through the resolution attained during the process.

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