We live on a planet that took millions of years to evolve through natural cycles.

Geological history shows that nature always rinses-and-repeats endlessly to reinforce the life force of our dear Mother Earth. The natural cycles and seasons of hot, cold, wet, and dry have existed for eons long before mankind arrived on this beautiful scene.

Mother Earth has grown and transformed from a dusty, dry, rocky, volcanic seemingly hostile environment into a precious and beautiful Garden of Eden.

This development initially occurred on its own without any interference from humankind.

Our species was gifted with an unlimited abundance of air, water, and food. The Garden of Eden on Mother Earth was originally heaven on earth. This abundance was available to everyone from algae to insects, animals, birds, sea creatures, and human beings.

As mankind evolved with different societies, these societies actively sought to acquire “more.”

Societies often engaged in acts of war to acquire more wealth and property. The nature of war is a reckless disregard for human life and the environment, neither of which had any choice in getting involved in the war. They paid the price without the agency to choose whether or not to be involved.

The victors of war, as we know, write history to aggrandize their militaristic accomplishments. This leaves out the endless pain and suffering of the oppressed masses that they ruthlessly conquered. Those who became their victims or slaves were assimilated into their ever-expanding empire. This has been a norm now for the past 21 Centuries.

By and large, we as a species seem to have lost our way.

The current thinking is the world—and all its inhabitants—are at the disposal of masculine structures of control like government, corporate greed, and even systemic academic structures that privilege some over the other.

The real existential crisis that our global controllers speak of is a man-made world using technology to control every aspect of our lives. All the while teaching the unsuspecting collective of inhabitants to trust them over nature. They often portray anything natural as dangerous.

The media and technology of the controllers are creating an artificial reality pretending to be the only way to believe or feel how life exists on Earth that they seek to control. All of which is basically untrue despite global media propaganda.

There’s often little regard for nature or the feminine commonly known as Mother Earth.

When we interfere with Mother Earth’s natural cycles the entire planet and other life forms yield to compensate accordingly.

It appears that humankind dominates this entire Earth but in reality, it’s the other way around. She can force her hand with droughts, famines, floods, earthquakes, and volcanos. It is we who have had to adjust to survive her wrath.

Events like this remind us of Mother Nature’s true power over mankind.

Most of the time our Earth is a delicious and beautiful Garden of Eden that supports our needs with an abundance that’s beyond belief. Mother Earth herself is designed as life-enhancing.

Yet, we notice that the current state—ruled by the patriarchy— is trying to overrule and overpower anything and everything that has to do with nature. Nature essentially is everything that is feminine on our dear Mother Earth which mankind desires to control and demonize for a select few(s) personal gain.

Humans are being given the glorious choice of coexisting with nature in harmony or becoming the newest dinosaurs racing towards extinction. What will we choose?

Namaste Gary Stuart September 2022