As challenges manifest daily across the globe, it is clear we are living amidst troubled times.

At times it feels like humanity is in a state of disintegration. How might we pause to remember a sense of historical perspective as we encounter our day-to-day realities?

Tomorrow’s future is always built on the things that came before, so taking a minute to examine the past has merit in how we approach current challenges.

Philosophically, life itself is about rebirth and renewal and occurs cyclically. Families in our collective human history repeat patterns and cycles.

Yet amidst this terror and struggle, people come together and create new life. Each baby is emblematic of the hope for starting life anew. We see ourselves in the hope of the new life of the baby. As each child grows, they remind us of the love, joy of discovery, and wonder. Despite difficult challenges in our world, the new life in front of us gives us hope.

“Maybe the challenges of adversity and destruction pave the road to joy.”

Gary Stuart

Despite the violence and destruction of World War II that culminated in the deaths of 75 to 85 million people, the following generations witnessed 75 million baby boomers born in the USA alone. This occurred within a decade of World War II ending.

What is the connection between death and destruction and life? Does death stimulate the procreation of life on a grander scale?

I know these are big questions, not to be taken casually or lightly.

What if we took a moment to step back and reflect on the bigger dynamics of life that we all embody.

We have experienced the fact that the journey to joy is often paved through pain. Even more true is that the road to healing is also paved with unconditional love.

I’ve heard many of my ancestors say when I was a child when things didn’t look positive, they would try to soothe me by stating “this too shall pass” and I experienced that to be true. The pain was always followed by joy. Things eventually improved.

My ancestors experiences mirrored those the next generation was living through. Life happens in cycles.

My advice to everyone is to hold on and stay the course because a new reality is being birthed from the ashes of what came before. Remember, light follows darkness, and the stronger the darkness the brighter the light that’s forthcoming. Hold on to hope, stand tall and strong in your convictions. Trust to increase love in your life and in the world every day. Remember, things will turn out for the better in their own time.

Namaste & blessings Gary Stuart 2022