To be alive in the present means we are continually moving towards a new future.

Does YOUR future timeline already exist?

Is your current life path on its future trajectory without you realizing it?

Are the seeds of the future planted in our past to manifest in the present or is it in the present to manifest our future?

Yes, Yes & Yes!

The key is to be aware in the present moment that we are creating our future quotes ironically well you’re reading this it becomes the past. There is nothing more empowering when we consciously embrace this truth. The zillion-dollar question is how can we harness this unconscious dynamic of time and space using it to our own advantage?

The act of always creating our future is a part of us.

We do not have to think to make our heart pump or that it has to beat our blood which needs pumping through our arteries and veins, our stomach isn’t told it has to digest or be fed on a certain timeline, and our lungs automatically breathe another breath.

We are already unconsciously harnessing our life force daily.

Our life force can be harnessed each moment that we are alive. Knowing how our body responds to life and how we respond to our body can be used to our own advantage. Being conscious of our embodied existence in time as it moves forward allows us to be active participants in creating our future.

This gives us agency over our goals and empowers us to meet our vision. When we believe we have agency, we are free to make our goals bigger… and then step back and watch LIFE co-create with us to help us get there.

The very fact that our Past supports our Present as the Present supports our Future gives us confidence that we co-create a brighter future. Think of your past, present, and future as contained in a circular timeline like a clock. Maybe TIME itself is not linear as it basically moves the wheel of life forward. Time itself is eternal as are we.

The physical aspect of our life becomes our moment in the sun. Everyone is free to evolve and accomplish whatever they desire to accomplish while we’re here. The old adage ‘use it or lose it’ was never truer.

How will you use your Future movement forward in 2023? Believe it or not the 22nd Century awaits us all whether we live to see it or not. In truth it’s how you use YOUR time or value the chance of a lifetime whatever you believe. It’s always up to you how your ‘point of power’ is used while you’re alive. Happy 2023 & beyond.

Namaste Gary Stuart