In this current age of chaos and distraction you could deduce that there’s nothing more important than what mankind has to offer humanity. Incredibly, it’s a media generated illusion that humans or mankind is in control of all life on Earth.

This is simply not true.

Mother Earth is the keeper of the planetary ecology and all life on the entire planet. She is in charge of the life force of every living thing including the earth, seas, mountains and skies as well. Nature—along with Earth herself—is a closed ecosystem. Everything has its place and interdependently supports all life, even human beings.

Created mankind wants you to believe something else: The illusion that Earth belongs to humankind.

That is simply not true. We exist in harmony with Mother Earth, or not at all.

As Chief Seattle stated it so eloquently:

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” 

In spite of the global ecological destruction, I can guarantee you that Earth’s cycles—including all living things—will rebound over time. If humans could be one rebound effect after the dinosaurs’, then there will be a rebound effect with humanity as well.

Current politicians and corporations greenwash ecological atrocities for profit. Mother Earth yields continuously as mankind uses her resources with reckless abandon. She stands firm in silence and beauty as the sun rises and sets beautifully every day like clockwork. These are the daily cycles are planetary renewal.  Peace, beauty and harmony occur into infinity. She has weather, wind, air and water to do her work for her. These elements circulate her life force for the good of all living things.

Mother Nature is good and beautiful and left untouched she is worth trillions of priceless currencies known as our natural resources.

The solutions are simple. Quietly, Mother Earth yields and thrives in spite of humankind. While we learn Mother Earth patiently yields all her resources and beauty each day until humanity finally gets it.

The answer is really simple! Photosynthesis works excess carbon dioxide is the right resource for planetary plant life as plants breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. A lowly weed such as hemp can save us simply and elegantly in the nick of time. Of course, something so simple like harnessing photosynthesis and a weed would not even be considered with miraculous results. Why? Because it won’t make someone rich in the process. No matter what is said and done by billionaires’ or corporations the priority of greenwashing is to line their pockets.

I sincerely think that our only hope is allowing “the meek to inherit the Earth” to then harness photosynthesis to do the work for us. It’s as simple as planting a weed. The real choice is ours individually and collectively, so may we choose wisely.

Humankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and mastery-not of nature but after itself” Rachel Carson author of Silent Spring 1962

Lifelong ecologist Gary Stuart 2022