Healing Human History Now

Healing Human History is the 20-year culmination of insights and awareness of the deeper dynamics at work in our everyday lives. Unresolved issues and feelings reside within the murky waters of our subconscious mind and life keeps us so busy these dynamics go unnoticed until they scream for attention.

The magic of Constellation healing resides in these unexamined spaces that clamor for our attention.

The beauty of this incredible modality is that our inherited, subconscious mindset becomes externalized, healed and released in Constellation healing sessions. Clients and attendees find Constellation healing experiences cathartic and liberating because they are enlivening places in the depths of their souls that have been ignored—often for generations.

Paperback: https://amzn.to/2ZHEmWQ
Kindle e-book: https://amzn.to/3mw4rSw

Embarking on the conscious exploration offered in Constellation healing resolves our past and empowers us in the present.

Many participants in this modality regain the power of choice to take care of emptying their emotional baggage in a new way. Others feel free of generations of emotional “weight” that they have been carrying for ancestors… finally able to heal this aspect of their family history.

Healing Human History is the culmination of over two decades and 13,500 Constellation healing sessions that I’ve conducted. This work is my legacy on paper and my hope is that as you read the uplifting healing stories you will see that you too can benefit from Constellation and ancestral healing. It is my life’s work because I believe that there is no other healing modality like it around today! Listen to the video below for more details.

I’m very familiar with the emotional minefield and pitfalls that befall us. The key to emotional empowerment and conscious liberation is to never reject anything. There’s a hidden gift in everything. Yes, the gift of life hides its many treasures in the debris of the conflicted past.

  • Where there is victimization there’s often hidden strength…
  • Where there’s cruel rejection there’s often indomitable tenacity…
  • Where there’s despair there’s often irrational hope…

Many of the positive attributes are hidden from us through the distraction of the dramas we were born into. There is always a gift. This modality does not elevate suffering, pain, or victimization, nor does it attempt to spiritually bypass it. On the contrary, in Healing Human History you will see first-hand how I safely take participants back into the pain so that it can be faced, addressed, and honored for what the event was and then walk each participant with the gift of those insights into the new future they desire.

That’s where the magic resides! Healing Human History teaches us how to embrace the past to release it!

It is interesting how comfortable we become to negativity and dysfunction. Perhaps you find yourself in that place today. We know this comfort-in-the-dysfunction can be a hard habit to break. There seems to be more terror of the unknown than the comfortable misery which we grew accustomed to in our family of origin.

The biggest paradox of our human soul’s experience is that life has to become intolerably unbearable before we can muster the courage to change. It’s almost comical or a cosmic joke how afraid of happiness most of us had become. This brings to light the often-hidden element of loyalty to honor the ancestral suffering through repetition.

Your life history does not have to be full of unresolved pain. You can be the link that breaks generations of suffering or pain in your lineage and frees future generations in your bloodline to live healthy, free, and content.

Can we remain individuated from our forebear’s trials and tribulations to enjoy our day in the sun?

I say a resounding yes we can! We can simply honor our ancestors’ fates and destinies as they were and this doesn’t have to become ours. In doing this simple reverent act we can let go of the past. This also releases many negative trappings which may be your greatest achievement that you can attain in your life.

  • Many people start to see what a precious gift their life really is.
  • Many people start to rediscover the pleasure and happiness that are also your birthright.

And this is how we heal human history.

You are the present and a gift from the past. You are also their present for a future they will never see. Constellations prove that everything exists in the eternal now. As, The Beatles sang so long ago Hello, Goodbye.

A sincere namaste Gary Stuart

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