Welcome to Healing Human History: Constellation Wisdom for the 21st Century. I’ve facilitated over 13,500 Constellation healing sessions global with diverse people from all walks of life.

We inherit our genes from our collective Ancestral lineage. People often fail to realize there’s a long shadow from their ancestral past affecting them in the present.

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Healing Human History is a compendium of the wisdom I’ve received and new philosophical ways to learn and heal from our ancestors’ unresolved issues.

The biggest lesson dead ancestors have taught me is we cannot save our ancestors from their fate. Their destiny was sealed by death. What we can do is honor the past in the present surviving in a new future they couldn’t even dream of. Your life is “the gift” they unintentionally shared with you. Our universal life force demands our participation in order to thrive.

This book was intentionally written to support you happily living in the bigger picture. At the very least your dead ancestors wouldn’t want you to inherit sufferings of the long shadow of their past haunting your present.

Constellation healing offers you a way out.

Multidimensional transformation is more important than factual knowledge. Constellation healing provides an energetic boost of health and vitality at any age. Remember there’s no time to waste. Everyone inherited the power of the present to create a new history standing on top of the shoulders of ancestral giants who came before. Your life is your birthright to enjoy and thrive in spite of the historical events that got you here. You’re the dream of all those who came before, use your time wisely and above all enjoy your precious moment in the Sun.

Reader Raves…

“Tremendous ancestral healing!”

This book captures a tiny fragment of the magic that happens inside a Constellation healing facilitated by the empathically aware and energetically sensitive Gary Stuart. When the ancestors are in the room, tremendous ancestral healing happens for everyone engaged in the process.

—Kerri Hummingbird, #1 Int’l Bestselling Author of The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama

“Compassionate charisma!”

The compassionate charisma of Gary connects with audiences of all ages who wish to heal their past. Don’t hesitate to understand constellation wisdom from an expert gentleman whose friendship you will cherish.

—Naomi Carmona-Morshead with Positive Living Inspiration on Facebook

“Jaw-dropping information!”

Gripping, compelling, and truly jaw-dropping information that could change the world and bring healing on a global scale, the likes of which we have never seen.

—Liberty Forrest, The Power and Simplicity of Self-Healing

To contact me directly or for press inquiries: Gary@chifield.com or Cell: 310 748-2052

Gary Stuart: Master Constellation healing Facilitator and 2 Time Best-Selling Author, and Speaker has facilitated thousands of transformative healing experiences for over two decades. His skills and techniques expand consciousness while resolving inherited life-long challenges, stagnation, and negative family patterns.

Gary’s heartfelt passion is to help people heal and resolve unconscious, negative, interpersonal family patterns that stop you from living the life you can choose to live. He never loses sight in connecting people with “the gift” of happiness and fulfillment that’s so deserved.

Looking forward to helping you JumpStart Your 2020!
Gary Stuart

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