Gary joined the Good Fat Life podcast team for an enlightening discussion about family lineage trauma, generational inheritances, and the a-ha moments that allow us to honor our past and then move forward to create a new legacy for our future.

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In this episode…

Karen and Sherri are joined in the studio by Gary Stuart. Gary is a Bert Hellinger protege and master Constellation Healing Facilitator. He is also a four Time Best-Selling Author and Speaker. He’s facilitated thousands of transformative healing experiences for well over two decades. Gary masterfully uses his skills and techniques to expand consciousness while resolving inherited life-long challenges, stagnation, and negative family patterns.

While gathered together, we will be challenging one another on the subjects of the family constellation and how ancestral family systems affect the entire family lineage. We will even have Gary teach us how we can heal and resolve past family trauma and patterns that are often unconscious to us to move forward and live our best Good Fat Lives.

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