What we find in the amazing experiences of Constellation Healing is that there is a very deep love that exists between the current generation and the previous generations. It is almost as if the Future is tied to those from the Past. Love seems to transcend time and space and most ironically, the connection, link, and bond is often between two people that have never met in physical reality.

When one or many ancestors seem to have had a hard life or particularly heavy fate they generally receive an out pouring of love from their future descendants. It seems that their conditions are very often recreated to the point of being reenacted to honor and even copy the fate or destiny that befell those who left long ago. Their suffering through disease or death or accidental trauma can be recreated very easily by the current generation. Why? Deep love and connection supersedes all else in some cases.

It is pretty common knowledge that disease follows family patterns genetically. This Epigenetic effect does indeed mirror the future to the past and the past to the future. There may have been syphilis which was incurable and feared throughout most of history. Their great grandson could suffer from AIDS in current day which is a direct mirror or reflection to those who came before. They are intertwined on many unseen levels. As we see the world today with epidemics and wars one has to wonder, is it just history repeating itself to learn the lesson in a new way? Many familial systems have heart disease or cancer that many members suffer from from generation to generation.

Having constellations experience as a healing tool we may see that a great grandfather died of a broken heart. This then became the root cause which led to the “genetic weakness of successive generations.” Constellations provide a window to the past and by the use of reps to see the real picture and experience the hidden truths in a new, direct way we transform the energies locked into an ancestral pattern and if we are lucky we may be able to honor and understand the fate and destiny in a clear way as we honor the past and leave it with them to bear, hence no repetition.

It seems we copy someone else s fate or destiny to strengthen the link between us than them to let them be seen again through our eyes with great love. It’s my summation after a decade of facilitating that we desperately want to share a deep connection and even copy the destiny or fate of those who suffered so that they may know that it wasn’t in vain or that they are alone in their experience.

In using Constellations we can honor them in a direct and honest way and hopefully will be ALLOWED to go our own way with them in our hears. Strength is the goal and as we honor the suffering we do not have to repeat it, IF we are lucky. We try to get it RIGHT generation after Generation? Do we really have to spend our lifetime reenacting the fate and destiny of those who came before? No we do not, does it serve us better to honor their fate and destiny directly. I say YES, as long as they are included with honor, love and respect plus some reverence we are then Free to live our lives until it’s time to meet them again in the realm of the dead.

After all we are spiritual beings living within an eternal universe where time and space are an illusion. every thing appears to be interconnected as if ALL existence was happening in the now. May OUR fate and Destiny be to create something NEW and adventurous with deep love that hasn’t been done before. Our individual birthright allows for this this possibility as well. Living freely in our strength will guide us to see what life has to offer before it recedes and takes us to the next level of incarnation, Spirit!

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