The Thirteen Amendment was adopted on December 18, 1865, as part of the United States Constitution. The amendment officially abolished slavery, and immediately freed more than 100,000 enslaved people, from Kentucky to Delaware. The language used in the Thirteenth Amendment was taken from the 1787 Northwest Ordinance.

One other important factor to be aware of is the honor of Black History Month, designated by Republican Reagan issued Presidential Proclamation 5443 External, which proclaimed that “the foremost purpose of Black History Month is to make all Americans aware of this struggle for freedom and equal opportunity.” In 1986, Congress passed Public Law 99-244, which designated February 1986 “National Black (Afro-American) History Month.”

Since 1986, Black History Month has been honored. However, the topic seems to be a perennial issue. In which, many individuals have forgotten the true meaning behind the celebration. If we as a nation are going to heal and move forward, we must broaden our view about what enslavement means.

                Slavery encompasses many other atrocities, including the bondage of a human being. The truth remains that repression has not ended, it continues behind the scenes, probably more excessively than at any other time in history. Human trafficking, along with thousands of other oppressive tactics, remains alive and well in the 21st Century.

One might surmise, the robber barons of old have transformed into the oligarch slave owners of modern times.  The issue is a real conundrum, regardless of race, color, or creed. As an example, child slave labor likely created our clothing in Southeast Asia. It’s unfortunate, this quietly kept secret is supported by anyone who buys this clothing, food, or other products imported into America.

Americans and likely the world, live in a feudal system owned by the monarch royalty of yesteryear.  Thus, owning all the land which the peasants were lucky to subsist on or become sharecroppers. Today, these same oligarch families became billionaires on the backs of their slave labor.  As their power grew, members of the elitists moved into government positions, creating laws and policies to protect their investments. So, modern slavery is more powerful than ever. 

The next phase of slavery encompasses renewable energy. Many upscale people are buying electric cars, as an example, 3rd world laborers are children. However, the atrocity still hides behind closed doors, when the truth behind these labor camps is kept secret from the world.

Mines are dug with bare hands for lithium, cobalt, or other rare minerals to create batteries, the material supposed to replace fossil fuels. Is this method actually a reliable source option for humanity moving forward? Especially, since the Earth produces oil, just as it produces water. Instead, the devastation caused to our planet is unconscionable.

Critical thinking or ignorance is no excuse to avert 1st world guilt over 3rd world slavery. As debt saddles many mid-range families, have bank loans and are forced to pay inflated prices for homes, cars, and many other items, due to unwanted slavery. Who do you think you’re kidding? Yourself?

The great awakening has arrived. All excuses in the world will not undo these simple truths.