AI or automated intelligence is popular in modern day culture.

AI may be smart and efficient, but it has no soul.

Contrast Automated Intelligence (AI) with Ancestral Intelligence, or A.I., which is what you inherited from your ancestors, and we see that A.I. has both soul and intelligence. The A. I. you inherited has both.

You come from generations of geniuses whose survival instincts ensured you could exist on Earth today.

Computerized AI—though smart—does not have the Ancestral Soul built into its program. Hence wisdom from experience. Compared to our ancestors it’s a newborn with no past?

A Monkey wrench to your belief system!

Your entire family system is working or has worked perfectly. You would not be here in alive today if it did not.

The branch of your family tree would have not survived and became extinct if it made even one mistake. You are here today because of their superior survival skills. This Ancestral Intelligence is inherited generation after generation to insure longevity

I’m in no way negating or ignoring the horrific, dysfunctional, or crazy behaviors they created trauma and damage to you and your childhood. A lot of families can and do create some nightmarish childhood experiences both intentionally and unintentionally.

Yet we survived?

Ironically, this was the best that they had to offer. What was done to them was the best your grandparents could do. Even it could have been the worst experience anyone alive could have ever had they too survived. You are here because your parents followed your grandparent’s tenacity to survive, hence Ancestral Intelligence. AI  is a play on Computer intelligence that lacks SOUL/LIFE EXPERIENCE

What is it that makes us survive and even thrive in adversity? Is it strength? Spirit? Tenacity?

It seems life has its own set of rules. Eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, fight, flight, freeze, or hide until the danger passes.

If you look at nature, fear and stress rule the day. Any predator can have its prey for lunch. If you are the prey your survival skill is to anticipate danger or you will not survive.

All predators may eat their prey daily but thousands upon thousands of mice and insects escape being eaten and instead survive.  The same survival dynamics are true for humans. Those who do survive pass on the skills to the next generation.

We see this survival instinct, or A.I. at play in trees, for example. Do trees exist despite bad weather, ice, snow, drought or fire?  Yes! Many stand there triumphantly weathering whatever the seasons bring. Trees in nature are a living testament to the tenacity and resilience of being. Does a tree say, “I’m a bad tree who should have never been here because the weather’s not right or it’s windy today or cold today or wet today!” No. The tree has no judgment, it simply exists in the harmony of nature until it doesn’t exist anymore.

“We see this same survival force in action with human beings. We humans also do not ask for what life gives us.”

Everyone alive exists in reaction to stimuli presented to them.

What is unique about humans is our ability to develop habits, meaning, beliefs, and judgements around historical events. We place value judgements or beliefs around our responses that become embedded into the layers of each successive generation. Each one of us is alive is the embodiment of the microcosm of the ancestral lineage. Our reactions can be both functional and dysfunctional simultaneously.

Can we stop for a minute take a breath and see the good working within and without our family of origin?

Can we allow the past to be the past?

What if our physical being is the hope of the entire ancestral lineage that gave us life? This in and of itself makes life a gift that was passed forward to us. This shows we are the ultimate recipients of the gift of life. Good, bad, or ugly it’s up to us to choose how we will respond to the gift of life that we have inherited from our forebears.

Everything alive on earth today has roots in the past. Everything is an emanation of everything that came before. Our DNA was once our ancestors DNA and that has a history.

Every being alive inherits Ancestral Intelligence. Experientially learned (trial & error traits) are essentially positive acquired to ensure our survival. It’s all part of the gift. Many of us process the negative habits and issues of the past in therapy or harness the negative energy putting it into a positive spin. Never forget negative perceptions are the catalyst to feed positive transformation.

Being a seasoned Constellation facilitator specializing in family systems I urge you to look kindly at the past. There are many gifts cloaked in pain.

#1. You were their dream come true.

#2. You are their gift to life and being alive is the biggest gift you could have ever inherited. They willingly passed this gift on to you. Now it’s your chance to do it better or be happier than they were during the time of their incarnation.

Try to have gratitude for what you do have, rather than spend your lifetime resenting the past which may not serve your highest good or make you happy. You are a descendant containing all the brilliance of hundreds of generations who came before as you. You are the recipient of their A I.  Now is the time for you to go out there and use it. It’s your choice whether to pass it on or not.  You may share it with your siblings or other family members who are with you and alive today. Always remember all of us are on a journey to Infinity and what we do daily matters.

Ancestral Intelligence: Constellation Insights from Beyond 

Ancestral Intelligence is a collection of deep, simple, and profound insights that emerged from my 20-plus years of Family Constellation Facilitation. I’ve been blessed to decode these deeper truths from the “Knowing Field” energies and responses from participating attendees.A.I. healing statements are a cathartic release of unspoken truths from our ancestry. Life itself seems to hide truths for millennia. Often, repressing emotional responses to earthly dramas and traumas protected our ancestors, ensuring their survival. It worked as they survived and gave us the opportunity to thrive. This innate intelligence passed on by those who came before manifests in the gift of life that is you. You are the embodiment of a GIFT from the PAST in the PRESENT for the FUTURE.The quotes from Gary Stuart in this book are designed to give you an insightful perspective and reveal hidden truths for new levels of healing and freedom in your life. 

Namaste Gary Stuart 2021