Inspiration from the Knowing Field
Everything is interconnected within a spiral of time from the universe to our very own DNA which is a physical echo from thousands who came before. In a way we do not really own our DNA but share it from whence it came connected to the source from where Life itself emanated through our parents to us. Our Forebears lived and breathed just as we do in Real Time. We now live in Real Time as they dissolved into Eternal Time, this is the loop of Life Eternal to Physical to Eternal repeating to Infinity.

What we see in Constellations is that Real and Eternal Time exist simultaneously. The Eternal, meaning the Dead, can communicate through the living Rep during the Constellation Healing Experience. By virtue of sharing our DNA we can collectively be in touch with more than one reality at a time. This Eternal/Real Time interface is very deep and profound. It leads us to believe that both are existing in Real Time and that there is really no veil between the worlds of each.

The real wind beneath our wings are our ancestors. They too had their ancestors to support them in life as well. What is most difficult is how the traumas and dramas from each generation stay alive in our field. Whether we are aware or unaware, these events exist in the background. It is like time stood still and frozen while life went on in spite of everything that happened.

These frozen moments in time often show up in Constellations. They lead us to the core of suffering. They show us what needs to be healed. The good news is that there is a way out. By allowing the deepest darkest depths of human misery and suffering a place in our awareness, we give unconditional love and respect for the pain that occurred so the stagnant energy can dissipate as the unresolved now slips back into Eternal Time where it belongs, discharged and free to be an ancient memory. We in the physical, Real Time get to be fully Present to face life head on.

In essence Constellations create a healthy boundary between worlds and yet the worlds can interface at a moments notice to support each other with strength. It seems life has but one Goal, to move forward in Real Time. All living creatures have one goal as well, to remain strong in the face of life.

Eternal Time is at our back. If you stop and think about it Real Time is just the face of Eternal Time. Is Death ironically the link to both? Or is it Life itself? The circle feeds the cycle and the cycle feeds the circle to infinity.

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