Gary Corb and I planted ‘The 2 Gary’s” twin apple trees in Greensboro, Vermont in 2000 as a housewarming for my dearest friend Susan Cammer.

2021 was the first year it bore apples!


Though Gary Corb will never see the results of our love for Susan, I have, though with a heavy heart.

Happy 62nd B-day to Gary Corb 1959-2017. Treasure every moment. 

Ironically 4343 Babcock Ave, Studio City is being torn down while my new home in Prescott AZ is being finished around his 62nd Birthday which he too will never see…or does he?

Blessing to all on our collective journey… Trick or Treat!

Sincerely Gary Stuart
There are so many fruits of life we may never see…I talk a little about this in Raising Your Harmonious Child.

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