VIP Quantum

Constellation Program


Activate YOUR Prosperity & Abundance in 2023

Create a life-changing year with the VIP Quantum Constellation Program

My FIRST year-long Constellation Transformation program!

You are invited to my New VIP Quantum Constellation offering! This is a year long participatory experience that stimulates a new universe of possibilities for 2023. 

Learn about the Ancestral harmony between males & females, plus romantic relationships and LIFE!

Experience healthy boundaries between the PAST in the PRESENT for a more prosperous FUTURE!

Invisible familial dynamics & beliefs will be explored & released.

Learn how to transform any negative energy into positive energy.

Gain a new cognitive understanding of how YOUR conditioned beliefs affect money and abundance in every aspect of your life.



4 Quarterly Constellations

1 on 1 calls before & after

Free admission to all events and all locations


Special pricing until December 31, 2022:


(normally $3,428.00)

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Contact Gary at the Constellation Healing Institute office 928-515-2688. For a quicker reply call Gary’s cell: 310.748.2052 or click the button below to set up your free  15-minute consultation. 

Client Raves

“After 5 decades of therapy and workshops, at age 72, I had a major breakthrough while doing a series of Systemic Family Constellations, directed by Gary Stuart. I highly recommend this work.”


“I’m blown away by the depth and breadth of Gary’s relationship with this work. He seamlessly wove together theory, personal examples, and the latest scientific research in Epigenetics and quantum physics while continuing the theme of love, connection, and oneness.”

Barbara Eggenberger


Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman shares about her life-changing experience with Gary’s Constellation Healing Experience

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