New 4-week Intensive Immersion Program

Harmonize EVERY aspect of your Life!
with Gary Stuart and Jill Fischer

Romance, Money, Health and Relationships, plus resolving organizational chaos!

This time of upheaval is an opportune time to SHIFT what does not work. Deep transformation does NOT have to be a long or arduous process.

We’ve found that subconscious stagnancy or stuck energy keeps our dysfunctional loops repeating… Jill and Gary have experience through thousands of clients that any negative patterns can be lifted away and transformed in a nanosecond. They both are seasoned masters of transforming the source in a deep, profound, and fun way. It takes courage and trust to let go what doesn’t serve you. Beyond your fears, there’s excitement and fulfillment and living your true purpose.

This is an opportunity to take the plunge into the unknown and birth yourself into a new state of being…

The only thing you have to lose is what doesn’t serve you! What reinforces suffering is “waiting for things to change” Step out of resistance. YOUR time is NOW! We’ve got you! Join Gary and Jill for levity and brevity in the deepest healing…

Where Healing ONE, Heals ALL!

We are only taking a limited number of participants, and this will sell out quickly. You’re invited into our new small group (10-12 people) immersion intensive for quantum transformation. The Healing One Heals All group coaching intensive is 4-week experience for $497 US. Core issues quickly resolved. We will be healing at every level of your life through Quantum Constellations and Energetic Releases.

Join us for blasting off into a life you’re excited to live with the energetic shackles of your past experiences gone!


Healing One Heals All group coaching intensive begins Wednesday, June 16th from 6 to 8pm PT and continues each Wednesday through July 21st.

Program Details

Wednesdays in September: Dates To Be Announced
6–8pm Pacific Time on Zoom
4-week program (1 session per week + support material)

10-12 working participants for $497 USD
Observer participants in the series for $90 USD (or $25 for each event)

Bonus Gifts for Working and Observer Participants

The Releasing Bow process plus 30 minutes of post-event Coaching on any Constellation
Facilitator who commits to the series
4-week pass to Jill’s Chi-morning class during the course

VIP Upgrade

Private 1 on 1 session with Jill & Gary ( + $297 USD)
Let Love In Hypnotherapy Audio from Jill

RSVP • Cell: (310) 748-2052 •


Jill Fischer is a heart-centered hypnotherapist and energy coach. She is an incredible healer and inspiring teacher of intuition and the power of the mind.
She guides people into their ‘WOW’ ~ back on track and into a life they love.

She is highly intuitive using her gifts to focus on areas of concern. Passing along new important messages with empowering viewpoints to live and heal, Jill brings a grounded, compassionate presence to individual and training sessions.

Jill Fischer has worked well over a decade treating thousands of people who struggle with anxiety, chronic health, weight, and sleep issues. They’ve tried western medicine, alternative therapies, counseling, prescription drugs, yoga, meditation… nothing’s worked and they’re feeling hopeless. That’s where Jill comes in.

Jill’s skill set for the deepest healing is made to be a fun and energizing process called The Fischer Formula e-Remedy. She helps people heal so they feel empowered, healthier, calmer, lighter, and happier than they’ve ever felt before. For more info

Live your best life. AND MORE!!


Gary Stuart is a 23-year master Constellation healing facilitator, and 4 Time Best-Selling Author and Speaker. Gary has facilitated 15,000 transformative healing experiences for over two decades. His skills and techniques expand consciousness while resolving inherited life-long challenges, stagnation, and negative family patterns.

Gary’s heartfelt passion is to help people heal and resolve unconscious, negative, interpersonal family patterns that stop you from living the life you can choose to live. He never loses sight in connecting people with “the gift” of happiness and fulfillment that’s so deserved.

I look forward to quantumly activating your great future NOW!

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