The Time to Change is NOW!

QA Constellations are a deep & fast multi-dimensional conscious healing process improving every aspect of your life. This honors the past while you consciously create YOUR new future! The entire group in attendance is deeply affected as well.

Healing ONE Heals ALL!

SATURDAY, January 22, 10am-5pm MST: QA style and Family Constellation Healing workshop

$25: General Admission

Working Client Costs

Personal QA Constellation or ZOOM: $245
ZOOM Distance/LIVE Family $345 Biz or Organizational Constellation: $395

Advance RSVP Required


Distance or Zoom Constellation options available

Live: Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment
1575 W State Route 89A Suite A, Sedona Az 86336


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New Quantum Activation Constellations in 3 Easy STEPS for Working Clients:

  1. Single SUBJECT
  2. An intended GOAL for your REP

This lightning-fast, simplified, DIRECTED 3-Step approach has been developed by me. It’s a targeted, laser-focused dynamic release and permanent resolution. My 23+ year skill set releases any stuck energy by verbally addressing the deeper truths which bring healing, closure, and completion.

The most popular issues are HEALTH, WEALTH/ABUNDANCE/ PROSPERITY, ROMANCE, or INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT brought forth resolved in record time 10-15 minutes at most.

Quantumly Activated Constellations instantly transform problems into solutions.

This new approach creates a multidimensional boundary between the PAST in the PRESENT for the FUTURE!

This amazing experience harnesses your own subconscious mind empowering YOU to achieve any goal in a deeper and more profound way. This honors the past while you consciously create YOUR new future!

RSVP • Cell: (310) 748-2052 • Office: (928) 515-2866

Gary Stuart

Bert Hellinger protege and master Constellation healing Facilitator also a 4 Time Best-Selling Author and Speaker. He’s facilitated thousands of transformative healing experiences for well over two decades. His skills and techniques expand consciousness while resolving inherited life-long challenges, stagnation, and negative family patterns.

Gary’s heartfelt passion is to help people heal and resolve unconscious, negative, interpersonal family patterns that stop you from living the life you can choose to live. He never loses sight in connecting people with “the gift” of happiness and fulfillment that’s so needed and deserved.

I look forward to quantumly activating your great future NOW!

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