We find ourselves in unprecedented times… the times of Covid-19.

In this time, we are being asked to pause… slow down… listen… tune in. The distractions that once held us captive have been stripped away, and humanity is birthing something new as we stay-safely-at-home, or rather, nest-at-home.

Like an expectant mother who is preparing her nest, so we too, bear down in this time to strengthen ourselves for what is next.

In meditation the other night, I was inspired to pen some words that are a prayer, a vision, and an encouragement. I’ve written those words below for you to read, be encouraged, and be uplifted.

We are truly in unprecedented and beautiful times! Let us each come together and embrace them!

As many of you know, my calling and service have always been to help humanity shed the bonds that have kept each of us inexorably tied to the negative shackles of our past. I want to see all of humanity embrace past lessons, integrate these gifts and experiences into the best part of our souls, and allow them to propel us forward into our destinies. The work I am doing during this Covid-19 season remains centered with that life-focus, and with each of you, in mind.

Rather like a spiritual doula, it is my heart of hearts to see each of you come through this time with a new vigor, new dreams, and a rejuvenated confidence that the Universe is WITH you as you step out into the yet-unknown-post-Covid-19 world.

It is with that heart that I share what I was given during meditation… may it stir within each of you the hope of what is next and the knowledge that each of you is deeply loved, provided for, cared for, and HELD.



The age of ONENESS approaches us all now, BE READY.

INCLUDE the deluded and lost Brothers and Sisters, GUIDE them with LOVE

They too are part of the WHOLE called the greater ONENESS.

INCLUDE the fearmongers they too are part of the Whole & ONENESS.

LOVE THEM in their IGNORANCE “for they know not what they do”

ONENESS includes EVERYTHING, Dark and Light EQUALLY.

Each ONE feeds the other in the Grand Mystery of the Cycle of Life.

LOVE and ONENESS is a Beacon of Light amidst the self-created darkness of the innocent masses being led astray.

OUR day and OUR light is also theirs too, TODAY is YOUR Day.

We are ALL alive during this PRESENT moment of TRANSITION together.

BE the ONENESS with ALL CREATION of which you already are.

Take that AWARENESS into the WORLD into LIFE into the FUTURE

The TIME is NOW, the PAST is GONE

The PRESENT is a GIFT from the PAST to the FUTURE

Our presence of ONENESS NOW is GIFTING the FUTURE of what is yet to come.

You are HERE, you are HOME, you are ALIVE you are PRESENT.


Not sure how to integrate all of this with the past that you have been dealt in life?

Might I encourage you to check out my “Bow” card… it is a practical process to help you release, embrace, and transform the past. There’s no charge or requirement to download… it just takes a little courage and hutzpah to believe you can actually release the past.

Know that I am cheering you on!

Namaste & Love

Gary Stuart

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