About Constellations

When I discovered Constellation Healing, it immediately resonated with me and I was amazed by how much I understood, how much I already knew – much more than I’d ever realized.

It led me to realize I’d been accessing information that was not mine and discovered psychic and intuitive gifts.

I then went on to learn about ancestral family systems, your entire family lineage, and how each one of these systems holds you like a huge “net.” It holds you, your family, your ancestors and everything together to ensure the family system’s strength and survival.

What I’ve found is these subconscious bonds and loyalties exist in every aspect of your life.

Constellation Healing reveals these entanglements and frees you from their control. It looks like several people in a room together, led by a facilitator – me! – and the group focuses 1 “working” client per session.

We reiterate their goals for their session – usually money / career, romance, health or relationships. Next, they chose an attendee “representative,” who then begins to move in some way expressing the subconscious and hidden dynamics of the the working client’s family system. Whatever comes up, we follow until the emotion, resentment, fear, past grievances or grief is released fully for the entire family system.

I conclude the Constellation Healing with an intuitive “healing statement” to ground and integrate the healing for their entire family system and that of everyone in the room.

Through this, long-held beliefs are shattered and the working client experiences a profound breakthrough in their understanding of themselves, their family and their lineage.

Depending on whether the working client’s goals, they have profound insight about their specific situation and larger lesson to take-away for everyone.

Constellation Healings have healed long-time relationship conflicts, self-worth and money issues, romance dynamics and chronic health ailments – and often, deep held beliefs you didn’t know you or your family had.

If you’d like a Constellation Healing so you can experience being Working Client at Gary’s next healing event, click here. Each Live Constellation is $395 and Distant Constellations are $495.

Or for questions or contact Gary please call him at 310-748-2052.

More About Constellation Healing

All Constellations provide a unique window into these secret alliances and entangled energies in your life which stop your CHI and your life-force, from moving forward. Subconsciously, you may feel there is an unspoken debt that needs to be paid before you can find fulfillment. By revealing these entanglements, you have the ability to create healthy boundaries between those who came before you and yourself today.

Each generation has a chance to start anew, and any perceived “price” left to be paid is not yours to pay. Their karma is theirs, not yours. Family loyalties are strong, and we often take on burdens that are not yours to carry. Without realizing it, you can do so in order to feel you belong to the family system. Ironically, you belong anyway, without doing a thing.

But this often creates an emotional entanglement of GUILT. If you begin to do well, you may feel guilty for not suffering like they did. SHAME is another family dynamic which can keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Even though you may outwardly say  ” I don’t need anyone’s approval”, inside you may often feel hurt and excluded within your own family system. Even FEAR is used to stop us in our tracks if we dare to venture too far from the familial pattern. But while these may be the negative ties that bind us, there is a way to transform these entanglements into actual support. Subtle family dynamics affect your prosperity on many levels, and the Constellation process allows you to see how you got to where you are. The result is you can leave whatever is not serving you in the past, and move forward into a prosperous and unencumbered future.

Working Client Fees:
Live Constellations—$395

Fee for a Family, Ancestral & Systemic Working Constellation Session is $395. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying online or with a check to secure your working client spot.

Distance Constellations—$495

Consciousness knows no time or space. Therefore Constellations can be done from a distance. We set your goals and complete an historical questionnaire which we discuss before we work. Then you receive a detailed report with a telephone or SKYPE Consultation after. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying online or with a check to secure your working client spot.

Organizational/Business Constellations—$595

Organizational Constellations work in the same way as personal Constellations. However, the focus is on the application of the Constellation principles to cause breakthroughs within your organization. These breakthroughs alter workplace patterns and communication, allowing for more business growth. Organizational Constellations shift dynamics and increase employee retention, engagement and loyalty for your business. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying online or with a check to secure your working client spot.

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