Conference: Expand Your Influence with Love

Love matters. And not only in relationships.

Love is the foundation for everything we are and everything we become in life.

Where love blocks exist,

… people tend to struggle with money
… people tend to not live up to their potential at work or in business
… people tend to feel disempowered and unable to change
… people tend to suffer from negative body image
… people tend to feel angry, alone, frustrated, hopeless, anxious, or depressed
… people tend to remain on a performance-acceptance treadmill
… people tend to believe they have to hustle for their worth

and yes, they may also wrestle with developing healthy relationships

And, where love is unblocked,

…you can live in a state of abundance, money flows, and you are financially healthy
…you can reach and exceed your potential at work or in business
…you can feel empowered and welcome change
…you can truly love your body – every nook and cranny of your beautiful authentic self!
…you can feel accepted, connected, and enjoy a sense of ease and grace even under pressure
…you can accept challenges as opportunities, not to perform or please, rather a chance to serve and make a positive difference
…you can feel in flow and use less energy to get through even the most stressful days

Love is the building block for everything in our life. Where it remains dis-eased, thwarted, or blocked, our growth is curtailed.

What’s love got to do with it?

E V E R Y T H I N G!

It’s 2022 and many of you may find yourself asking … Why?…

  • WHY am I not choosing to be in a soul-fulfilling job?
  • WHAT stops me from finding a nurturing healthy love relationship?
  • HOW can I learn to love my family members even when I feel triggered?
  • HOW can I get more of what I authentically want in life, without being a people pleaser?
  • WHY do I feel like I’m just surviving and not thriving in life?
  • HOW do I learn to practice more loving self-care before stress leads to burn out?
  • WHAT’S blocking me from expanding my career or business and maximizing my talents?
  • WHY does it seem like I can support other people’s success, yet I’m stifled in creating my own?
  • WHY does it feel like some people can create abundance with ease, while I struggle?

Why, why, why … am I not living the life I thought I would by now?

️⭐️This three-day experiential love revolution will help you identify, AWAKEN, and transform stuck energy into vitality. Your inner resources will be mobilized to EXPAND. The transformations you will experience are grounded in proven practices that are immediately relevant and applicable so you can ACTIVATE them in your daily life. ️️⭐️

How does it work?

This highly-interactive, experiential training event is designed to move you through three transformative stages.

  • AWAKEN the parts in us that lay unconsciously dormant, lacking in confidence, or suppressed from knowing, experiencing, and mobilizing in your life from a foundation of pure love
  • EXPAND those parts through guided hands-on processes and receive the learnings so you can wake up to the true essence of YOU. Create a sacred and evolutionary partnership and a renewed love for life!
  • ACTIVATE and mobilize your inner energetic resources so you can draw upon newly acquired self-guiding skills. Integrate gracefully back into your relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues by remaining grounded in your loving presence.

This three-day, immersive experience is packed with an all-star lineup of global influencers known to inspire, transform, and unleash the best in each person. During three days our speakers will teach you tangible practices, provide you with answers, and a game plan for how to use the transformation you’ve experienced.

If you want to stay in your comfort zone, this may not be for you.

Our seasoned team of catalytic teachers will nudge you, stretch your heart, mind, and soul into new horizons so you can develop a new vision into what is possible when you live from a love-centered foundation.

Our interactive learning is designed to ignite practical and tangible skills that will help you:

  • Build or expand your business from a place of spacious confidence
  • Release blocks to love that are hindering you from life-giving partnerships in business and personal spheres
  • Reposition fear as an ally that can catalyze transformation in your life
  • Demolish mental distortions and concepts of love that stunt your career trajectory so you can thrive in your vocation
  • Activate breakthroughs into new levels of love and unleash your purpose in the world
  • Establish a new love-based-foundation that will ignite optimal performance
  • Fall in love with the center of your agency—your body—enabling you to embody wellness in the world, and inspire others with your life story

Are you ready to smash the love blocks that are keeping you from living the extravagantly enjoyable, prosperous, and abundant life of your dreams?

Are you ready to trust the inner knowing that is, even right now, calling you to embrace this YES moment?

Your soul is worth it!

Join us March 18th – 20th, 2022 from 10:00am-4:00pm Central for this Live Virtual Event.

[8:00am Pacific, 9:00am Mountain, 11:00am Eastern, 4:00pm London, UK]

There are limited spots, so sign up today to become a part of Expand Your Influence with Love!

Let’s start a love revolution together!

Look who’s talking about Expand your Influence with LOVE

Rachel Hudson , Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner, and Trainer of NLP

Michele Mariscal, Founder of Energy M “Health for body, soul, and spirit”

Sheila Dancho, Owner of Dancho Mind & Body Coaching

Juliana Avella, Owner of Made Simple Nutrition

Julie Palmer “The Retreat Goddess”

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