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Dr. Ganz is amazed with Gary Stuart’s Family Constellation Healing

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Debbi Dachinger reveals her success with Gary’s Constellation Healing Experience

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Debra Poneman

“After 5 decades of therapy and workshops, at age 72, I had a major breakthrough while doing a series of Systematic Family Constellations, directed by Gary Stuart. I highly recommend this work.”

— J.E.L.

“Gary is an amazing facilitator and teacher. His knowledge, experience and open heart are all reasons in themselves to study with him. His vast experience in family constellation therapy combined with his intuition translates beautifully to a deep and  rewarding learning opportunity. He is a master at bringing levity to a situation through humor. He is one of the most accessible, loving and supportive teachers I have encountered. I feel so very blessed to be deepening my understanding of family constellation work with Gary. I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed and look forward to continued learning, healing and laughter.”

— Kat T

“The profound work and world service to humanity of Gary Stuart has helped me to create breakthroughs in my life! We went into “the field” with a goal of unblocking obstacles to prosperity and success as a fine artist and what showed up was layers of multiple-generational beliefs and attitudes around money and love. This work is simple, surprising, and truly can move mountains of “unknown and unconscious” patterns of thought and behaviors inherited from our ancestors, who are not even on planet earth anymore, however, impacting our current lives today! Highly recommend “taking the leap” into this work with Gary!”

—Lauren R

“Gary, I am not at all astounded at this! Watching and sharing work with you has always been a profound experience. Great to know you will be doing some audio for Bert. Keep us posted!!”

 —Anni Mukkala-Stinn

“Gary sent me a copy of his review of Hellinger’s latest book, Laws of Healing, and he ranks with the highest and best when it comes to his ability to describe Constellations work from so many different angles. In addition, Gary’s voice is clear, concise, and almost musical to listen to. It’s really a masterpiece!”

—Liz Jelinek

“I highly recommend a DVD interview on Constellation work done by Gary Stuart in Los Angeles. I was blown away by the depth and breadth of Gary’s relationship with this work. He seamlessly wove together theory, personal examples and all the latest scientific research in Epigenetics and quantum physics while continuing the theme of love, connection and oneness throughout. It was the best interview on Constellation Work I have ever seen and I found it deeply moving and inspiring.”

— Barbara Eggenberger

“Gary Stuart served as registration manager and workshop presenter at the 2011 US Systemic Constellations Conference in San Francisco. His contributions were outstanding in both capacities. As our official host, Gary create an atmosphere of welcoming and care at the moment each participant enter the Conference space. In our evaluations, numerous participants praised the warmth of the registration process. It fostered the mood of excitement and inclusion that carried throughout. Gary’s workshop on Reincarnation Constellations was the highest ranked out of all the workshops. Gary is a skilled facilitator and a caring presence. He is well-respected as one of the most accomplished Constellation Facilitators in the United States. In my opinion, his reputation is well deserved.”

—Dan Booth Cohen, Ph.D.

“Gary Stuart and Family Constellations has literally transformed my life…. in every area. After spending over 40 years doing every kind of therapy, meditation, workshops and reading everything I could find… I was still unable to attract a stable, loving relationship. I was stuck in my life — I didn’t care about making more money…what would more money bring me if I was still alone and why write another book (or movie) if I was going to attract more abuse and have my work stolen or ignored? Then an Executive Coach sent me to have a Family Constellation with Gary. I saw my whole life play out in the Field in front of me. I saw the family dynamics that were tripping me up that were, quite frankly, a lot crazier than I remembered. In the process I was able to reconcile what happened and RELEASE it…. let it all go.  As a result I am now in a totally miraculous and wonderful relationship with an amazing man and after a year it gets juicer and more wonderful every day. My business is thriving and I’m now focusing on expanding into some more creative work that I find thrilling. None of it could have happened without Family Constellations. I recommend this experience to EVERYone. After experiencing well over 150 constellations (13 to 14 of them my own personal constellations) I can honestly say that I have never seen the Knowing Field be inaccurate. It’s extraordinary.”

—Udana Power

“I had a session with Gary in August 2017. I had blocks that I didn’t even know existed. I had questions about my family life that I never thought would be answered. I had anxiety and angst that was always there. I’m so thankful to Gary for what he does. I had my session and got answers, relief, clarity, understanding, and for the first time in my life – I have peace about my family situation and who I am. Within days of my session I noticed the energy field around me shifted. It’s more open and accepting. I feel the love in my life now more than ever. My world shifted for the better thanks to Gary’s work. I encourage you to try a Constellation Healing session. Even if you need more than one session, you’re worth the effort. You may not want to dredge up the pain, hurt and past, but confronting it in a loving and caring environment is worth the effort when you feel the healing throughout your body. Words cannot describe the peace that I now have. I wish I’d known about this years ago!”


“I have been a European facilitator for family constellation for more than 15 years. I have had several constellations over the years to try and solve several entanglements in my family. They all were helpful to a certain degree, but I always had this feeling of severe burden in my life that I could not get rid of. Then I attended your workshop and the unbelievable happened. With the really short reincarnation constellation we did, it seemed that I could solve the entanglement of my life, which had its origin in a past life. I never felt this easiness and lightheartedness in my life which started right after the constellation. And it’s unbelievable that I can see now how I repeated the experiences of my past life in my current life, again and again. I really enjoy my new attitude and awareness of life; it seems as if I got the chance to live now a really new-second- life. So, I really wanted to say thank you to you for given me this opportunity!”

— S. Torres
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