Are You Seeking Ways to Escape Unhealthy Old Patterns?
Do You Feel Stuck and Lacking Confidence to Thrive?
Is Your Past Haunting Your Present?

Did you know? 
You already have an intuitive inner guide.
You just haven’t tapped into your subconscious power yet!

Most people don’t realize they’re subconsciously connected to a powerful intuitive guidance system

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Are you looking to:
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  • Improve Relationship with Money (Real Estate/Property)?
  • Feel empowered to take on the challenges you feel drawn to
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Join me for a FREE and POWERFUL 5-Day Inner Intuitive Challenge.

All you have to do is show up.

Join us December 11–14, 2019, and January 6–January 10 , 2020 from 9:00–9:10am on Facebook Live!

Open your subconscious to shift perceptions energetically and accelerate the change required to solve your problem(s). How the 5-Day Challenge Works?

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We’re opening up an expansive way for you to see your problems and how to solve them. I’ll be with you to guide you on your transformational journey.

  • Do you own an inspiring card deck?
  • If you own your own inspiring deck then you will pull your own card each day.
  • If you don’t own an inspiring card deck, I will pull a card for the group to focus on.

This is your intuitive card message for the day. Then we will follow the 5 Inner Intuitive Guidance Steps to Acknowledge and Release that day’s Message so the universe can do the work on your behalf.

You walk away and trust that the Universe will sort it out for you.

GARY STUART is a two-time, #1 International Bestselling Author, Speaker and expert Constellation facilitator of 21+ years leading over 13,000 healing sessions. He founded the Constellation Healing Institute over a decade ago.

He leads workshops and retreats globally and resides in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Don’t let procrastinations stop you another day. Join my 5 Day Challenge. “Get ready to be healed from your past.”

Gary Stuart.


PS – Should you want to use your own deck…

You are free to use any inspiring card deck you have available to you. Each deck will have a different purpose and individual cards differ, each card you pull will have an intuitive meaning meant for you at that time.  However, if you wish for a more fulfilling experience, you are welcome to use my Constellation Healing Oracle Cards. These cards are designed for Constellation work, especially to help you tap into your own powerful intuitive guidance system. Get the Constellation Healing Oracle Cards > here