October, Westlake

Newmont Center Sunday OPEN HOUSE

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 11am – 9pm
The Newmont Center for Balanced Living
28720 Roadside Drive Suite 177, Agoura Hills, 91301
Parking at the very back of the building, come in the back door, we’re the first door on the right

Limited Seating! Please RSVP Gary in advance by check or PayPal
RSVP to Gary at Gary@Chifield.com or call my cell at (310) 748-2052 

If you haven’t already picked up your Constellation Healing Oracle 70-Card Deck with Illustrated Field Guide Book, they’re available on Amazon.

Constellation Healing Oracle Cards are totally new & unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They will take you on a deep and profound journey to clarity. The cards are designed to delve into the unseen subconscious beliefs that block your ability to manifest your goals.

Constellation Healing Oracle Cards support your goals and will reveal and explain things about yourself and your entire family system that have, up to this point, remained a mystery. 

Gary will be sharing instructions to teach you how to do simple three card readings as well as more elaborate spreads using the Field Guide Book. 

Among a dozen card spreads, the 3 most popular are: Past Present & Future Card Spread, Butterfly Card Spread, Victory Card Spread. For added depth, we included Expanded Card Spread Versions with definitions on each card. You can find accompanying diagrams in the Constellation Healing Oracle Cards Field Guide Book. Also included is the most powerful closing exercise; the Bow and Release process so you can put the past behind you, once and for all.


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