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Gary Stuart

Gary Stuart is an author and internationally known facilitator of transformative change. He’s an innovator in using Constellation Healing Experience as the medium that radically supports his audience to change in every area of their life. He walks the talk as he himself has been on a 40 year healing journey of personal transformation. He’s acquired numerous skills as he’s transformed his own life which he gracefully passes down to those who seek his assistance and expertise.

Gary seems to engender great trust whenever he speaks. He’s known for always coming from the heart, living and speaking from his authenticity. Every week he opens his Constellation Healing Experience groups with inspiring, personal talks that uplift the audience by giving them a wider view of life.

Gary wants the best for  everyone he meets and is never afraid to challenge popular myths or beliefs. “There is no right or wrong just truth” is one of his core beliefs. He loves to be experiential and include the audience in a live, thought-provoking experience.

“There is no time to waste, so why waste time on anything less than fantastic?”                                                         — Gary Stuart

One thing he learned from his years in comedy is to always be entertaining and never pontificate.  Gary has an outstanding power of presence which enables him to help people reconnect to the power of the subconscious that resides in our collective hearts and souls. This is where connection to the bigger forces lie and fulfillment as well. He’s always honored by the invites he gets to inspire greatness in others and ease suffering through an experimental context laced with compassion. He endeavors to embody the true meaning of  “Namaste” where ever he goes.

“We are our ancestors dreams come true.”                                                          — Gary Stuart

Gary loves to guide the audience on an interactive journey to uncover their innate greatness. His excellent communication skills build deep trust and inspire his audience to take the next step towards deepening their personal evolution.

Suggested Topics for Presentations:

Gary’s forte is personal growth and transformation. These are the kind of topics he has addressed in the past. Depending on your needs he’s happy to work with you to personalize a presentation specific to your group.

  1. Transforming your future now!
  2. Let go of what you thought you knew.
  3. The past is behind you. Take what’s good and leave the rest.
  4. Life itself is/was your best teacher. Learn the lessons for success.
  5. Use the energy contained in struggles to fuel your empowerment.
  6. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that goes for you too.

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Gary Stuart


Recent Appearances

Photo of Gary with group
Gary with the group
Gary with group at event

Speaking Engagements

EBC Retreat speaking introducing Constellations at the Dana Hotel in San Diego, CA
Palm Desert bi-monthly Constellation workshops and lectures
Ask Dr. Nandi featured guest 2 segments, Detroit, MI
Inaugural Constellation Healing All day event in West Los Angeles
Holistic Chamber of Santa Monica Jan. kickoff event West Los Angeles
Constellation Healing intro, Rancho Mirage, CA

Continuum Movement Constellation workshops, Santa Monica, CA
Evolutionary Business Council Master Mind weekend Oceanside, CA
North American Systemic Constellations Conference presenter, Virginia Beach, VA
Constellation Healing introduction private event, Detroit, MI
Evolutionary Business Council Master Mind Summer Retreat, Calgary, AB
West Coast Constellation Intensive training faculty, Los Gatos, CA
Center for Spiritual Living, Constellation workshops and training, Prescott, AZ
Santa Monica Holistic Chamber of Commerce panel, Santa Monica, CA
Global Influence Summit: EBC One Day retreat presentation, Ft. Lauderdale. FL
The Newmont Center introduces Constellation Healing series, Agoura, CA
Woodland Hills Holistic Chamber of Commerce presentation, Woodland Hills, CA

Los Angeles, CA: “Master Your Universe” Lecture, BIL Conference LA, April, 2016
San Diego, CA: GIS/Evolutionary Business Council Lecture with interactive participant workshop, February, 2016
Mission Viejo, CA: Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Mission Viejo, Prosperity Lecture with Demonstration, March, 2016
Detroit, MI: Advanced Media Boot Camp followed by Constellation weekend workshop, March, 2016

San Diego, CA: US Constellation Conference Course Presenter with teaching & training for facilitators, November, 2015
Calgary, AB: Evolutionary Business Council Constellation Workshop Showcase, August, 2015
Vancouver, BC: Evolutionary Business Council bi-yearly meeting, Constellation presentation/workshop experience, July 2015
San Diego, CA: US Constellation Conference, San Diego, CA, November, 2015

Chicago, ILL: Evolutionary Business Council and Media Boot Camp,  September, 2014

Seattle, WA: US Constellation Conference, Presenter, October, 2013

San Francisco, CA: US Constellation Conference, Co-Produced & Presented, October, 2011

Asheville, NC: US Constellation Conference, Registrar & Presented. September, 2008

Rancho Mirage, CA: Ranch Mirage Public Library, Lecture, March, 2002

Palm Desert, CA: Palm Desert Public Library, Lecture,November, 2001

Cathedral City, CA: Center for Positive Living, Lecture, February, 2000

Book/Author Presentations

2005 Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA, Many Hearts, ONE SOUL
2000 Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA, God says, Heal!

Radio and Internet Radio

2015 Deb Scott show
2014 Norma Hollis show
2012- present Conscious Connection, Produced and hosted over 50 shows
2001 KPFK InnerVisions with Nita Vallens


May 2016 Detroit: Eydis Media Contributing Writer
April 2016 Detroit: Constellation Showcase for Wellness Universe and Eydis Magazine
April 2016Detroit: Eydis Media Contributing writer for Healing Section


2013-2014 Holistic Chamber of Commerce West LA and Santa Monica President
2011-present Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles   affiliations

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