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• Understanding the concept of “the invisible dynamic”. We are all the sum total of our experiences.
• Separate clients from the negative aspect of their past and make something great from the positives.
• Have compassion and see the gifts of your past and then create the life you want.
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    • Conscious Connection interviews Pat Duran on Energetic Clearing for Realtors February 9, 2019
      Pat Duran is a healer, coach, speaker and author. After 36 years working in the technology sector in Corporate America she pivoted almost 180 degrees to follow her passion and built an intuitive energy healing practice.Pat now focuses specifically on helping realtors. She pairs the unusual method of energy healing with real estate – two […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection: EVOLVE through LOVE! Aimee Mosco and Elizabeth Scarcella December 6, 2018
      Join our Facebook Community Group Evolve through Love. You’ll gain access to a support network comprised of individuals looking to bring this world to higher ground with you, free mini-courses (learning units) on the topic of personal development, and tips and treasures that help keep you centered in love. www./ Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco, Co-Founders of […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews Jacquie Suzanne Nagy NLP expert extraordinaire November 23, 2018
      Feeling disconnected with your true self and don’t know what you really want? Go to my website and subscribe to receive my Freebie - Take your life back & download my Top Tools to Life Success 30 Day Challenge. My audio gift will help ease you into becoming more confident, congruent and resilient – […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection announces Constellation Healing Oracle Cards by Gary Stuart November 8, 2018
      Dear Constellation Community, Clients and Friends, I’m thrilled to announce my newest Constellation innovation:  Constellation Healing Oracle Cards!  Open up to the Ancestral Intelligence plus the timeless wisdom of the “Knowing Field”. I included deep systemic insights along with thoughtful definitions and expert guidance on the back of every Constellation Healing Oracle Card.  With the […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews "Mr. Positive" David Boufford September 3, 2018
      David Boufford, is known around the world as “Mr. Positive! - Your Professional Encourager” and specializes in helping people feel better fast and make their dreams come true. Using his unique gifts, intuition and real-world experience to help his clients manifest the desires of their heart and monetize them! David Boufford is the creator and […]
      Gary Stuart
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