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    • Conscious Connection interviews My Authentic Life publisher, MARIA REA April 13, 2018
      This 10-month Master-Class is for those looking to make a change in their lives and a huge impact in the world by focusing on their local communities. This is for individuals who want to build a successful magazine business and who are ready to powerfully move into their passion and purpose. MY Media and Publishing […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews Marilyn Suttle on Healing with RIM Technique April 9, 2018
      Imagine feeling at ease with uncertainty, moving through challenges, doubts, fears, grief, sadness, traumas and life’s many repeating patterns that cause us to hit the brakes on experiencing success, happiness, and achievement in business and in life. It’s time for RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) an advanced coaching tool for the 21st century. Marilyn Suttle […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews David Groode April 3, 2018
      David Groode is an awakener and has been doing Intuitive Readings and Numerology for over 28 years.  Working with an international global clientele, he has created a Rock Star Career as an Intuitive Reader, helping people to see what they can't see in order to achieve their dreams. David is able to open, expand, and […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews Author Liberty Forrest about her new book February 28, 2018
      Following a traumatic childhood, Liberty Forrest endured decades of ill health including developing a significant heart problem in her 30s. After years of physical suffering and having run out of options, Liberty recalled hearing numerous stories of people who have cured themselves of terminal illnesses. Vowing that she would become one of them, her research […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews renowned psychic & medium Liberty Forrest February 2, 2018
      Liberty Forrest is an international psychic and medium who combines her natural abilities with her background in social work and counselling to help people find hope, get unstuck and move forward in life. In childhood, Liberty Forrest discovered her abilities as a psychic and medium. These abilities continued to develop over the years, leading her […]
      Gary Stuart