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 The Joey English Show
• Understanding the concept of “the invisible dynamic”. We are all the sum total of our experiences.
• Separate clients from the negative aspect of their past and make something great from the positives.
• Have compassion and see the gifts of your past and then create the life you want.
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    • Conscious Connection announces Constellation Healing Oracle Cards by Gary Stuart November 8, 2018
      Dear Constellation Community, Clients and Friends, I’m thrilled to announce my newest Constellation innovation:  Constellation Healing Oracle Cards!  Open up to the Ancestral Intelligence plus the timeless wisdom of the “Knowing Field”. I included deep systemic insights along with thoughtful definitions and expert guidance on the back of every Constellation Healing Oracle Card.  With the […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews "Mr. Positive" David Boufford September 3, 2018
      David Boufford, is known around the world as “Mr. Positive! - Your Professional Encourager” and specializes in helping people feel better fast and make their dreams come true. Using his unique gifts, intuition and real-world experience to help his clients manifest the desires of their heart and monetize them! David Boufford is the creator and […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews Filippo Voltaggio on The RECALIBRATION Workshop August 31, 2018
      Filippo’s main expertise is helping individuals and groups through transitions of all kinds.  Filippo guides clients through transitions whether they be transitioning into a new job or career and/or transitioning out of an existing job or career; transitioning into a new relationship and/or transitioning out of an exisiting relationship; to transitioning into a new consciousness […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection with Dr. Kimberlee Woods of Mystical Awakenings PALM DESERT June 18, 2018
      MYSTICAL AWAKENINGS of Palm Desert presents! Constellation Healing with Gary StuartJune 30th noon-4pm July 7th TASTE of WELLNESS, Sacred Geometry, Sanctuary Meditation, Astral Travel, 10 Power Sessions Guaranteed to Change Your Life (Taste of Wellness), Tools for Lightworkers (Sacred Geometry), Meet Your Higher Self (Sanctuary Meditation), Travel the Universe (Astral Travel) RSVP Dr. Kimberlee Woods 760-636-1136   Her email is: […]
      Gary Stuart
    • Conscious Connection interviews Best-Selling Author MARILYN SUTTLE May 14, 2018
      Tap into your creative side to find new and rewarding ways to create positive experiences with customers and coworkers— all while lowering stress and raising resilience. Exploring your thoughts, ideas and experiences with artistic outlets can cause dramatic improvements in confidence, creative-problem solving, and customer loyalty. Marilyn Suttle specializes in creating “Suttle Shifts” in the […]
      Gary Stuart
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