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  • Serejevo an Sovereign Day

    I accomplished one of my goals almost a year ago. The Gregorian Angels crowned me their King. I am their highest ranking Arch Angel.

    Thank you for helping get to this level. This only touches lightly upon my point. I chose this position because I knew I would need help in freeing humanity from the clutches of slavery, soul amnesia an countless other perpetrators including itself.

    You see I need humanities help in spiritually healing this planets dictators, heads of state, bosses malevolent humans etc…

    I’ve done energy work on the director of the CIA…..It’s not always safe, proceed with adept hood an caution.

    Evoke their presence rather than astral traveling to them for healing, Gina Hospel had 998 malevolent enttites oppressing her soul HAD after I drove them out with some help.

    But still, I need light workers…An better yet light warrors!I

    Heal as many as you see in need of healing. Especially government officials, generals heads of state, baby killers.

    Climate engineer pilots, drone pilots, just do it. No permission, just do it.

    But ship, small steering wheel.
    Something has to be done, something has to be attempted.

    Remove the fear, harmonize their higher selves into their bodies. Shield them, bring in the benevolence.
    Lead as many as you can.

    You have my support
    That is all.

    Arch Angel Egial or just William.

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